Transducers protect customer's investment. The AR Series of rheometers from TA Instruments utilises a cable extension position transducer from Variohm-EuroSensor to prevent damage to any accessories fitted to the rheometer when in use. This damage could occur if the vertical travel of the motor wasn't monitored. The Z115 unit supplied by Variohm-Eurosensor continually tracks the absolute head position. TA Instrument's units are used to study the flow and deformation of materials. The material samples are subjected to varying forces, temperature and pressures. These varying conditions are applied by means of special heads fitted to the rheometer. The heads vary in size and this is why TA Instruments needed to have a means of knowing where the heads are. The Z115 uses a precision potentiometer operated by a cable and drum to continuously monitor the head position. Because the Z115 is an absolute device it will give an accurate position even if the power supply is interrupted. TA Instruments claim that their AR-G2 is the first commercial rheometer utilising a magnetic thrust bearing technology, a feature which allows for ultra-low nano-torque control. The AR-G2 is packed with other features such as drag cup motor technology, image capture software and a high temperature oven camera. AT Instrument's spokesman Peter Foster said that the Z115 from Variohm-Eurosensor provides an inexpensive, compact and simple solution to their measurement problem and it protects their customer's investment.

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November 2005

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