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Multiturn non-contact rotary sensor uses Nobel Prize technology.

New sensor technology returns more performance than wire wound devices and less cost than optical encoder.

A new range of non-contact multiturn angle sensors based upon Nobel Prize winning technology is available from sensor specialists Variohm EuroSensor. Offering a much improved resolution, better repeatability and longer life than contact based potentiometer devices, and with significantly lower costs than absolute optical encoders, the RSM 2800 from Novotechnik is a compact 28 mm diameter sensor providing a 12-bit absolute position resolution over a selectable range of up to 15 turns (5400º). With a choice of voltage or current output as standard, a digital version with 0.1º resolution is also available.

The new generation RSM 2800 uses the GMR Effect (Giant Magneto Resistance), a technology used in hard disk drives, where thin film deposits of sandwiched magnetic and non-magnetic layers can be combined with sensors on ‘spiral arms’ to return an absolute position value over a single rotation. To provide an absolute position value over a multi-turn range, a 360 º Hall Effect sensor is included with multiple spiral arms that correspond to each rotation. Furthermore, the position is available with true power-on sensing for first time operation on start up with no calibration required.

Peter Grundberg and Albert Fert were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2007 for their discovery of the GMR Effect almost twenty years earlier, and for subsequent major work on all aspects of this ground breaking technology.

The robust and durable RSM2800 has a rated temperature range of -40 to +85 (125º C on request) and features a thermally stable plastic housing and a stainless steel input shaft with a choice of an indexing flat or push-on coupling. Supply voltage is 24 VDC and 5 VDC.

The contact-free technology used in the RSM2800 will suit long life applications for steering angle detection in cars and trucks or mobile machinery, for valve and flap positioning in industrial processing and as a low-cost absolute feedback system for servo controls. The sensor can also be combined with the winding drum of a cable extension transducer to provide an extremely compact solution for long travel linear position measurement.

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May 2008

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