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Variohm launch new low cost single/multiturn magnetic absolute rotary encoder with CANopen interface.

Compact and rugged magnetic technology includes 32-bit processor and offers excellent cost proposition
Range includes a choice of synchro flange, clamping flange, or blind hollow shaft mounting

Variohm Eurosensor has released a new range of competitively priced high-resolution single/multiturn absolute rotary encoders from German position sensor specialists Wachendorff Automation GmbH.

The innovative WDGA series features an on-board 32-bit processor and full CANopen interface that handles the conversion of the encoder’s rugged magnetic position technology to output 4096 steps per rev (12-bit) at rates up to 1 Mbaud and with a multi-turn capacity of 131072 revs (17-bit). The WDGA series is ideal for space limited applications as a feedback device for positioning systems requiring long life and low maintenance - and unit pricing is estimated at 30% below comparable technology.

The WDGA is built for maximum resilience and compactness with a nominal 36 mm diameter aluminium housing and stainless-steel shaft with dual low-friction precision bearing support. Protection rating is to IP67 protection with shaft sealing to IP65 (optional IP67) and operating temperature range is - 40º C to +80º C. Mounting alternatives are via standard 36 mm diameter synchro/resolver flange mount, a 58 mm diameter clamping flange or 6 mm diameter blind hollow shaft. Maximum speed for the clamping flange version is 12000 rpm.

The extensive CANopen functionality includes a DS301 communication profile and DS-406 device profile. Position speed and acceleration output is included along with work area supervision, encoder cam and scaling capability plus comprehensive diagnostics.

For more information, please contact:-

Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1327 351004
Fax: +44(0) 1327 353564

February 2009

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