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New range of cost optimised linear position sensors has open housing and two-part design.

Two part, wiper and open housing design uses conductive plastic technology for robust, long life, high accuracy position sensing applications with practical pricing.

Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new range of potentiometric linear position sensors for precision measurement from 10 mm to 300 mm that are supplied in open housings - reducing component cost for high accuracy position feedback applications. The PTP series from Novotechnik is a robust two-part design including a multi-fingered wiper assembly and separate open sided extruded aluminium housing containing a conductive plastic track.

This design facilitates straightforward mounting to equipment where sealing against dust or fluid is not necessary, or where customers are able to integrate these component parts within their own sealing arrangements. The PTP series also allows for a wide variety of feature customisation suited to high volume applications.

The extruded housing has a cross section of just 13 mm x 9.6 and includes longitudinal slots for convenient mounting with optional fixing clamps or alternative fixing available via pre-drilled holes. The inner profile provides a rigid, low friction bearing surface for the wiper assembly which includes threaded hole, follower pin and rod driving options - allowing complete design flexibility within the customer’s application.

The conductive plastic resistance elements comprise multiple printed layers using Novotechnik’s own specialised conductive inks in combination with multi-fingered precious metal wipers featuring a unique elastomer damping mechanism to maintain complete contact even under the most demanding working conditions.

The PTP series specification includes a typical life of 50 million movements with a vibration rating to 20 g at 2000 Hz and shock to 50g. With a speed capability to 10 m/sec, repeatability to 0.01 mm, and linearity to +/- 0.05%, these sensors are aimed at high accuracy and high reliability position measurement in clean environment applications or within customer sealed housings.

The PTP series is part of a wide range of Novotechnik contacting and non-contacting angular position sensors available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from Variohm EuroSensor. Novotechnik’s conductive plastic technology is well proven across large volume industrial and automotive applications for both rotary and linear position measurement in fully sealed and open designs with a numerous mounting styles and grades of precision including dual redundancy versions, and with customisation readily available to suit specialised applications.

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November 2009

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