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Wachendorff CANopen magnetic rotary encoders from Variohm are absolute for long life and high reliability

Durable magnetic technology with 32-bit processor does not rely on gears or batteries for extremely long-life multiturn absolute measurement

Wachendorff WDGA series CANopen absolute magnetic rotary encoders from Variohm EuroSensor feature a 12-bit singleturn and 12-bit + 18-bit multiturn resolution and are ideally suited to applications where high accuracy measurement, extreme durability and competitive pricing are of prime concern. The WDGA uses Wachendorff's patented EnDra® technology with an integral 32-bit processor which assigns a unique coded magnetic signal for each of the individual 4096 counts/rev and for each full revolution count without relying on wear prone gears or limited life batteries, and so guarantees long life and exceptional levels of reliability – even in arduous conditions.

The integral CANopen/CAN interface fully meets CiA DS-301 communication and DS-406 encoder device profiles and transmits position, speed, acceleration, limits and cam switch functions as data objects. The output can also include scaling for real unit measurement and comprehensive diagnostics are aided with a red/green LED for fast and effective commissioning and operational status.

The durable encoder has an aluminium housing with a 36 mm diameter synchro/resolver flange mounting with a stainless steel shaft in solid or blind bore options with dual precision bearing support. A 58mm diameter clamping flange is also available. IP67 protection class is standard with shaft sealing to IP65 (IP67 optional). The WDGA's temperature stability is guaranteed through a range from -40ºC to +80ºC.

To place some context on the multiturn 18-bit measurement capabilities of the WDGA series, it can run continuously at its maximum speed of 12000 rpm for around eleven years before reaching its counting limit.

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July 2010

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