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New multi-turn, non-contacting rotary sensor has absolute output

New multi-turn rotary sensor will provide viable, and enviable, non contacting alternative to wirewound devices

Representing a breakthrough in non-contacting and multi-turn rotary position sensing, Novotechnik's new RSM2800 series provides an absolute position output for up to 16 turns (5760 electrical degrees) - and is a true non-volatile device that retains position in an unpowered state.

Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from sensor specialists Variohm EuroSensor, the RSM2800 series has clear benefits over single-turn hall effect sensors and offers a competitively priced improvement on contacting wirewound potentiometers and incremental optical encoders that use internal gears for multi-turn angle sensing. Offering much improved reliability and a substantially longer working life than contact based devcices, the RSM also has a significantly lower entry cost than absolute optical encoders.

As well as improving the performance and life potential over panel mount 'wirewound rotary motion transducers', the RSM2800 is also aimed at applications throughout industry, agriculture, construction and automotive - from steering angle detection in cars and trucks or mobile machinery, to valve and flap positioning in industrial processing and as a low-cost absolute feedback system for servo controls. It will also be particularly useful in applications where its ability to provide multi-turn absolute position measurement after a power failure is desirable or where a power-up homing routine is not feasible.
The magneto-resistive technology used in the RSM2800 combines angle and turn-detection elements and is similar in principle to position detection method used in hard disk drives. The non-contact device has a nominal housing diameter of just 30 mm and is inherently durable with high resilience to shock and vibration and a temperature range from -40 to +85 ºC.

In addition to the selectable number of turns, from 2 to 16, the new RSM 2800 angle sensor is available with a flexible choice of configuration options including a choice of 5 or 24 VDC power supply, ratiometric, voltage or current outputs, cw or ccw output curve, dual redundant outputs and shielded cable or M12 connectors.

The packaging options include a wide choice of flatted or marked 6 mm diameter stainless steel output shafts, with sealed housings to IP54, IP65 or IP67. Push on couplings can also be supplied.

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September 2011

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