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Angle measurement - close-up
Getting the better of confined installation spaces

As the exclusive UK distributor for Contelec, Variohm EuroSensor presents the following application note on non-contacting angle sensors.

The challenge
Confined spaces, difficult environments and extremely high price sensitivity - with a combination of these factors angle measurement becomes a demanding undertaking. Applications requiring reliable, accurate angle measurement in harsh operational environments - agricultural and municipal vehicles, buses, fork lift trucks, grain mills and railway engineering, etc. - place huge demands on suppliers of rotary encoders. The challenge is to develop innovative systems characterised by their compact dimensions, refined design, intelligent installation capabilities, high protection rate and maximum ruggedness. On top of this, the rotary encoders are expected to meet exacting precision and service-life requirements without costing the earth. Contelec has taken up this challenge and set a new standard by combining innovative technologies with engineering expertise.

The solution
The recently launched Vert-X 05E angle sensor, available exclusively from Variohm EuroSensoir in the UK, offers outstanding value for money and, with its ultra-compact size and physical architecture, can be used in the most confined spaces. Potted with a high-grade, temperature-resistant epoxy resin, it is impervious to contamination. With IP68 protection rate and an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C, it stands up to the harshest environments.

In non-contacting magnetic rotary encoders, the sensor unit and magnetic actuator are physically separated. This brings a high level of shock and vibration resistance, and enables accurate measurements to be made - even with considerable axial and radial offsets of the magnetic actuator.

Outstanding features
Unique shape factor
Just 5 mm high, the extremely slim angle sensor catches the eye with its unusually compact size and arrangement of its measurement system only 6 mm from the edge. This allows the Vert-X 05E to be used in applications with a rotation centre close to a wall and enables angle measurement in hitherto inconceivable places.

Flip installation
It has never been easier to select the sense of rotation - the Vert-X 05E angle sensor can simply be installed flipped through 180° to choose clockwise or counter-clockwise sense of rotation. The need to program the angle sensor is completely eliminated.

Transmissive measurement
The non-contacting measuring principle enables transmissive measurement in which the angle measurement is made through non-magnetic materials (liquid or solid materials).

A fully redundant version of the Vert-X 05E angle sensor is available, making it ideal for safety-relevant applications.
The key performance characteristics
The Contelec Vert-X 05E angle sensor defines a new price-performance class and impresses with the following specifications:

Measuring range 0 to 360°
Resolution 12 Bit
Linearity ± 0.3% of the measuring range
Operating temperature -40 to +125 °C
Supply voltage 5 VDC (alternatives available on request)
Interface 10 - 90% Ub, incremental
Electrical connection Pins or potted leads
Max. repeatability 0.1°
Protection rate IP68

Customer benefit - you profit from:
* non-contacting measurement (unlimited mechanical life)
* rugged, fully potted sensor
* slim, compact design for extremely confined installation spaces
* easy flip installation for selecting the sense of rotation
* transmissive measurement
* fully redundant version available
* unsusceptible to dust and moisture
* IP68 protected
* high tolerance to axial and radial offsets of the magnetic actuator
* reverse polarity protection of power supply, short-circuit protection at sensor output
* compatible hole spacing with Vert-X 31E, Vert-X 28 and WAL 305
* customised versions on request

For more information, please contact:-

Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1327 351004
Fax: +44(0) 1327 353564

September 2012

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