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Dynamic linear position sensing:

Novotechnik's new TF1 series inductive linear sensor suits harsh environment high speed processes

Now available from Variohm EuroSensor, Novotechnik's recently announced TF1 linear position sensor utilises an inductive measuring principle that is impervious to strong magnetic fields and has dynamic and environmental characteristics that suits arduous high precision and high speed positioning tasks on automated machinery.

With its touchless and wear-free non-contacting design the TF1 provides a measurement range up to 1000 mm with a resolution down to 1 micron. Its 10 kHz refresh rate allows high speed position measurement and feedback, and a choice of current/voltage output as well as SSI, IO-Link and CANopen provides maximum interfacing flexibility. An Ethernet interface is also planned for release in the near future.

The sensor electronics are sealed in an aluminium housing with a separate position marker. The TF1's well proven 'NOVOPAD' touchless principle comprises transmission and receiver coils mounted within the sensor with their sine/cosine structures divided into a coarse and fine tracks that correspond to the measurement precision. The active position marker is supplied by a high-frequency alternating field and the phase relationship of the voltage that is induced in the coils is converted into a linear position signal by the electronics. This extremely robust measurement principle can be used even where strong magnetic fields from large motors, hydraulic valves and frequency inverters are present. The position marker is available in a guided configuration for mounting on actuating rods, or "floating" for installation without mechanical couplings. Sensor to marker offsets of up to 4 mm are tolerable, which greatly simplifies the sensor's installation.

The complete package has an IP67 protection rating and temperature range of -40 to +85°C. Being totally non-contacting the sensor's insensitivity to shock and vibration and working life capability is exceptional.

Typical uses for the TF1 include packaging and textile machines, sheet metal processing equipment, woodworking machinery and other automation technology tasks that require high throughput, high precision linear position measurement in harsh industrial environments.
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Variohm EuroSensor designs, manufactures and sources a comprehensive range of sensor technologies for linear and rotary position, load, force, vibration and temperature - providing complete pre-sale and post-sale application support for demanding measurement applications throughout industry, agriculture, construction, autosports and research.

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April 2016

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