VEGA PROTRAC nucleonic gauging systems

Nucleonic instruments for measuring level, density, interface and mass flow are unaffected by high vessel pressures, aggressive media, extreme process temperatures and other process challenges.

The sensors mount externally to the process, and measure through container walls, with the help of gamma sources- accurately and reliably. Because all PROTRAC sensors were developed to IEC/EN 61508, VEGA will be the first supplier to offer SIL-qualified radiometric instruments across all models.

Every PROTRAC model has a detector for the application. For example, the solid rod detector of SOLITRAC is designed especially for level in straight sided vessels. The flexible detector of FIBRETRAC is ideal for level of curved or contoured vessels. The small, compact solid crystal design of density detector MINITRAC, is ideal for mounting across pipes. The latest generation electronics keep source activity levels to a minimum, this also means existing sources can have their life span extended, delaying disposal and saving costs.

PROTRAC sensors incorporate the popular plics® modular system with integrated Asset Management tools. They use the established FDT/DTM software for set up, and have EDD capability. Optional stainless steel housings, backlit integrated indicators and ATEX, contribute to it being one of the most comprehensive radiometric gauging ranges on the market.

For more information, please contact :-

VEGA Controls Ltd
Kendal House, Victoria Way, West Sussex, RH15 9NF United Kingdom
Tel +44 1444 870055
Fax +44 1444 870080

April 2012

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