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Linear Displacement Transducers.

A new comprehensive range of high quality (LVDT),
linear variable displacement transducers, manufactured
by Peltron Ltd from Poland is now available from Vydas
and can now be found on our web site.

In addition to supplying very price competitive standard products
from stock,  we are also offering a custom design service for
specialised OEM requirements in this displacement transducer
application area.

PELTRON has a wealth of design and manufacturing experience
earned over the years and has designed and manufactured
transducers since 1978 for a multitude of applications, from
manufacturing plants, worldwide government projects, heavy
equipment users to precise laboratory measurements.
Field proven under a wide range of temperature and vibration
conditions, these high quality transducers are crafted to provide
very many years of accurate and reliable service.

A complete range of instrumentation and control products are
also available to support these sensors including the latest
technology computerised data acquisition systems. Products
include standard and gaging selections of LVDTs. Both AC
and DC models are available with or without return springs
and nominal ranges from ( 0.5 mm to ( 1000 mm.  DC models
incorporate reverse polarity protection. These transducers
have been field proven to have high reliability and accuracy
even under the most demanding operating conditions.

Specialised units for applications involving fluid pressure or
hostile industrial environments and underwater models are
also available.

For the standard design, high quality stainless steel housings
are used and a shielded PVC cable. The internal components
are cast in epoxy, ensuring long life and reliability. As an option,
a shielded teflon cable or a connector interface is also available.

Throughout the manufacturing process, all of the products are
subjected to stringent quality control procedures. Prior to a
shipment the transducers are calibrated using "state-of-the-art"
computerised testing equipment. Each unit is shipped with a
calibration certificate covering the linearity and output voltage
at a given displacement.

Peltron also manufactures matching electronics, such as signal
conditioners and readouts, to support various measuring and
control applications.

For more information, please contact :-
Vydas International Marketing
Passfield, UK
Tel: +44(0) 1428 751822

April 2002
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