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New high-pressure transmitter breaks the 10,000 bar barrier.

With the HP-2 WIKA introduces a new high-pressure transmitter that can, for the first time, offer pressure ranges up to 15,000 bar (previously 8,000 bar was the limit). At the same time, the long-term stability and the load cycle stability has been further improved.

With the HP-2 the user gets precise results even at highest pressures, but also gets a simultaneous reduction in running costs. Because of the extremely good long-term stability the usually short calibration cycles for high pressure ranges are stretched, and the downtime of the plant is reduced accordingly. The high load cycle stability ensures a very long service life of the unit.

As a further feature, especially for highly dynamic pressure profiles, WIKA has developed a special cavitation protection, which leads to the long operating life of the HP-2 even in demanding applications.

All-in-all, the new HP-2, more compact than its predecessor, is more economical thanks to its reliability, its longer calibration cycles and its long service life.

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April 2008

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