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Cool Performer - the R-1 compact pressure transmitter for refrigeration and HVAC applications.

The new WIKA R-1 pressure transmitter has been optimally designed for the specific requirements of refrigeration and HVAC applications.

The R-1 has proven condensation resistance - the most important requirement for refrigeration and HVAC applications - with excellent results in a multitude of tests.

As a result of the monolithic design of the body, with its welded thin-film measuring cell, the need for a separate seal between the sensor and the housing, in contact with the medium, is eliminated. One advantage of this is that no elaborate material compatibility tests are required; another is that there will be no chance for leaks due to the seals. Therefore, high long-term sealing can be guaranteed.

A robust and compact design, plus resistance to the most-widely used refrigerants are further requirements of this market's customers which are fully satisfied by the R-1.

In addition the R-1 excels, especially for large quantities, due to its very attractive price/performance ratio.

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July 2008

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