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Mechanical gas actuated thermometers, now available with reed contacts

WIKA has now expanded its mechatronic product range for process instruments with gas actuated thermometers with reed contacts. The newly-developed model 73 and model 74 instruments are suitable for a whole range of applications - especially for use with PLCs.

The reed contacts can be operated in a temperature range of

-200 ... 600 °C. As a result of their low contact transition resistance, reed contacts feature a high switching accuracy and a long service life (switching cycle: up to 108). With a change-over contact as a standard switching function, they are also very flexible. Due to the slender design of the reed contacts, the case height of the thermometers is reduced by up to 35 %, compared to a design with other contacts.

Due to its compactness and its characteristics, the model 73 gas actuated thermometer with reed contact can be used flexibly in a wide variety of industries. The model 74 is aimed specifically at users in sanitary applications. The model 73 is available in nominal sizes of 100 and 160, the model 74 in a nominal size of 100.

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October 2011

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