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Measuring instruments with gasket-free BioControl® CS connection

New products for sanitary applications:

At this year's Achema, WIKA will present pressure and temperature measuring instruments with gasket-free NEUMO BioControl® CS connections for the first time.

The 1.4435 stainless steel connection combines measuring instruments and BioControl® CS housings on an all-metal basis. In comparison to connections with elastomer sealings, it is unaffected by temperature influences and aggressive products and media. The risk of defective O-rings and thus cross-contamination is eliminated. The measuring instruments – in combination with diaphragm seals or thermowells – can therefore be used exceptionally safely. The sealing contour is not affected by repeated resealing.

At the same time, maintenance and replacement tasks, which occur regularly with worn plastic sealings, are eliminated. The operator increases safety and minimises costly process downtime, and therefore saves costs. With these new products, WIKA is primarily addressing the pharmaceutical industry.

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June 2012

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