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R-1 pressure sensor now fully CO2 compatible

Due to its environmental compatibility, CO2 is increasingly establishing itself as a refrigerant in industrial applications. Thus, the model R-1 pressure transmitter from WIKA, tailored to the needs of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, now also offers complete compatibility with the requirements of CO2 refrigeration plants.

With this instrument, designed specifically for refrigeration systems, pressures from 100 to 160 bar, which are typical for CO2 applications, can also be covered. The hermetically welded measuring cell reduces the likelihood of leakage to zero. Its thin-film sensor, made using sputtering technology, distinguishes itself with its high long-term stability and excellent overpressure safety.

The compact R-1, with its robust design and gasket-free process connection, has been proven in applications with traditional refrigerants for a long time. In addition to its high medium temperature range and its excellent performance, the transmitter features an attractive price/performance ratio.

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November 2012

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