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Application of Draw Wire Transducers in a burial monument

Accuracy measurement for monitoring of structural deformations and convergences in an ancient burial monument through a draw wire displacement transducer of the SX series with 50mm measurement range.

An ancient burial monument ca. 300 BC, was unearthed 100 years ago in the near of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece. Over the years the monumnet is becoming unstable due to ground erosion. A solution to stabilize the monument was needed. The responsible Division of the Ministry of Culture appointed the company "Neotek" a greek distributor of WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH in Germany to find a solution.

To accomplish this project, an accurate measurement system was necessary to collect the relevant data. Various draw wire transducers from the series SX are connected to a self-standing data logger and a battery box. Power is conserved by a timing switch. The Waycon displacement transducers monitor structural deformations and convergences. Readings are taken every 6 hours.

Waycon is a manufacturer of accurate measurement systems and professional sensors for industry and research for all applications in areas of position and distance measurement techniques, level measurements and angel measurements. As automated processes are increasing in number and steadily being integrated into new industrial areas, the requirements for industrial sensors are also increasing. Special attention lies on quality, reliability and availability.

The Draw Wire SX is one of many Position Transducers in the product portfolio of the company Waycon Positionsmesstechnik. These transducers have already been successfully proved in many cases; for example: medical equipment (CT beds), in the automotive and engineering industry, lifting and rescue technology and many other applications.

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December 2009

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