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Draw wire sensor SX300 for hydraulic cylinder

With the SX300, cylinder manufacturers have an easy-to-install and affordable way of measuring the piston stroke of large cylinders.

WayCon developed the SX300 to be mounted on the front side of the cylinder, making it particularly suitable for the direct stroke measurement of hydraulic and telescope cylinders up to a lift of 15 m. The extremely robust sensor has been conceptualized for operating pressures of up to 300 bars. The measuring cable which runs in the cylinder is simply attached to the piston and held securely by a spring within the sensor, regardless of the position of the piston.

The sensor element, which serves as a digital encoder, is located outside of the pressure area, and delivers highly precise information regarding the position of the piston. The direct stroke measurement of hydraulic doors, or the monitoring of the synchronization of parallel cylinder arrangements are among the classic applications for the SX300.

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September 2014

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