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Wireless data link for sensors. The BlueLynx family of wireless products has arrived with the introduction of the first wireless data link from Wilcoxon. The BlueLynx BLT-1/BLR-1 is designed to replace the cable that connects an accelerometer or 4-20mA sensors with a junction box or on-line data acquisition system. By eliminating the cables, we not only eliminate the cost associated with cable installation, but also the cost and trouble associated with maintenance and repair of cable and connectors. Additional products add the ability to transmit and receive multiple channels and to accept a variety of signal input types, such as RTD, thermocouples, etc. The BLT-1/BLR-1 is an ideal product wherever wire is too expensive, difficult to install, difficult to maintain or impossible to use. Common applications for the system include inaccessible equipment, moving platforms, process control systems and large scale enterprises. Features include... * Bluetooth wireless technology, 2.4GHz licence-free band * Wireless operation to 100 metres within typical factory environments * Selectable signal input: can accept and transmit dynamic signal or any 4-20mA signal (e.g. pressure, flow) * Plug-and-play compatibility with existing analogue data acquisition systems * Simple installation and operation * Rugged design for industrial environments __________________________________________________ For more information contact:- Spectral Dynamics Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 1438 716626 September 2001
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