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Xsens introduces 3D Motion Tracker.

Xsens, the Netherlands based innovator in motion
technology, has announced the introduction of the
MT9, the first in a series of motion trackers.

The MT9 provides accurate and real-time absolute 3D orientation data,
without the use of any external source or camera. Even more unique is
the full elimination of drift in the measured orientation, enabling long
measurement times without loss of accuracy.

Casper Peeters, CEO of Xsens: "The combination of quick, real-time
response, the highest accuracy and the size of a matchbox makes it
applicable in almost any area where motion tracking is necessary.
Whether it is for rehabilitation, ergonomics, Virtual and Augmented
Reality or sports, the MT9 is the perfect tracker of human movement".

The MT9 software operates on the regular Windows 2000/XP platform.
It converts digital 3D rate-of-turn, acceleration and earth-magnetic field
data, measured by the MT9, instantaneously into 3D orientation data
at frequencies up to 300 Hz and with an accuracy better than 1° RMS.

These specifications make the MT9 very suitable for researchers and
developers in areas where human movement tracking is essential, like
sports and movement sciences, rehabilitation research, and development
of tools for physiotherapy, ergonomic registration or even Virtual Reality.

Peeters: 'The use of inertial sensor technology enables ambulatory human
movement tracking, outside the small measurement volume of very
expensive motion labs, what used to be impossible. With the MT9, we
think we've set a new standard".

Peeters sees many areas where the MT9 can be introduced: "Imagine
a rehabilitation therapist, treating patients with movement or balance
disorders. The MT9 can save him lots of time and money for quick
and objective diagnosis of the patient's status. It is very useful in
choosing and adapting the most suitable therapy". Peeters expects
the MT9 to roll out as of next May 2002.

Xsens Technologies, founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the University of
Twente, the Netherlands, develops advanced motion analysis applications.
Xsens utilizes state-of-the-art micro-machined sensors and wireless
technologies, creates embedded software on several architectures, and
combines these core-technologies with its unique way of advanced signal

Xsens' motion technologies are applied in the sports, rehabilitation and
entertainment market.

For more information, please contact :-
Xsens Technologies

May 2002
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