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Human motion capturing suit for urban combat training.

Real-time tracking and capturing of human movement,
without the constraints imposed by systems based on
cameras or emitters, is demonstrated by Xsens at
ITEC 2004.

The portable, full-body human motion capturing system is based
on Xsens' miniature 3D inertial motion trackers and wireless
Xbus system. With the system embedded in a comfortable suit
that can be worn under normal clothing, it can for example be
used in urban combat training centres. One can think of detailed
after-action reviews, in which soldiers can view their performance
from multiple angles including the enemies view point, and real-time
monitoring of the soldier actions and behaviour by commanders
in range operations centres.

Urban combat training centres are typical environments where
human motion tracking is needed over large areas. Currently
available technologies for human motion capturing are based
on tracking the movements of markers/sensors with respect to
a fixed external system, usually a camera or transmitter. This
type of system severely limits the measurement area, requires
a free 'line-of-sight', and is complicated and expensive to operate
due to the setup of the external system. Xsens' inertial human
motion capturing technology overcomes these difficulties by
using only the earth itself as the reference system, and low-cost
micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor technology.

Xsens' motion capturing system consists of multiple miniature
3D inertial motion trackers (MT9), distributed over the body, and
a control and communications device (Xbus Master). Each MT9
contains sensors which measure acceleration, rate-of-turn and
the earth-magnetic field in 3D. Based on this data, the 3D
orientation (3DOF) of each tracker is determined through Xsens'
proprietary sensor fusion algorithm. The lightweight, portable
Xbus Master samples data from the motion trackers, supplies
power to the motion trackers, and communicates with the host
computer by a wireless (Bluetooth) connection. The technology
is suitable for integration in a comfortable suit that can be worn
under normal clothing or uniform.

By combining the 3D orientations of the individual body segments
through a mathematical model of the human body, the relative
positions of the body segments can be calculated and used as
input to avatar posture (relative 6DOF), to be used in any synthetic
environment or training system. If a true 6DOF solution is required,
the system can be combined with any local or global positioning
system (e.g. GPS) for wide area position tracking of the soldiers.

About Xsens
Xsens Technologies is a highly specialized supplier of miniature inertial motion
tracking products. Xsens' products are used for various applications ranging
from VR to robot or vehicle control. Xsens is located in Enschede, The Netherlands.

For more information, please contact :-
Xsens Technologies B.V.

June 2004
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