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Miniature Attitude and Heading Sensor.

The world's smallest 3D gyro AHRS/IMU
Xsens has released the world's smallest Attitude and
Heading Reference System. Based on the successful
MT9, the MTi is a matchbox-sized Inertial Measurement
Unit with solid-state inertial sensors and earth-magnetic
field sensors.

It provides drift-free, gyro-enhanced Attitude and Heading output
with industry-leading 0.5 degree accuracy, computed internally
on a low-power DSP, as well as 3D acceleration, 3D rate-of-turn
and 3D magnetic field data.

It is available in various digital output modes (RS-232/422/485,
USB) as well as analog voltage output of roll, pitch and heading
angles. Its compact housing (58 x 58 x 22 mm) has robust mounting
tabs and a tough connector, enabling easy integration in several
applications. Additionally, a Software Development Kit is available
with Windows COM object and a lot of sample code in C/C++,

The MTi has been designed for new applications such as control
of autonomous or remote-controlled mobile robots and unmanned
marine, land and aerial vehicles (UAV). Other application areas
include stabilization of pipeline inspection tools and stabilization
of cameras for purposes such as inspection, security and
Augmented Reality.

For more information, please contact :-
Xsens Technologies B.V.

June 2005
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