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Xsens wins Innovation Award with Moven

The inertial motion capture suit Moven developed by Xsens Technologies B.V. has won the Overijssel Innovation Award 2007. The suit is based on Xsens' proven inertial sensor technology allowing total freedom of movement. The award-winning Moven is used for character animation in gaming and film industry, virtual reality applications e.g. in the defence industry and human movement analysis in rehabilitation or sports sciences.

The motivation of the jury is based on 'the proven successes', 'the innovative technology', 'the quality of the entrepreneurship' and 'the unique aspects of the product'. The jury was particularly impressed by the advantages of not being limited to a studio or lab: Moven can be used anywhere, outside as well as inside. Compared to other inertial MoCap systems, Moven is unique because it can capture any type of movement, including running, jumping, crawling, cartwheels even head spins. These revolutionary aspects of Moven, combined with the professional organization of Xsens led to the positive judgment of the jury.

Casper Peeters, CEO of Xsens was proud to receive the award: "It's a great honor to receive this innovation award, it is a recognition to the whole team."


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November 2007

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