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 High Speed Oscilloscope Module
 for PC-based Instrument System

A 1 GS/s (gigasamples per second) digital oscilloscope module, the WE7311, is now available for the Yokogawa WE7000 modular PC-based instrumentation system. The module is supplied with built-in software which opens up automatically as soon as the module is plugged into the WE7000 measuring station. No other proprietary software is required, and a fully functioning instrument is immediately available on the user's PC. The WE7000 measuring stations are available with either four or eight measurement module slots, and up to three measuring stations can be combined to create a comprehensive measurement or display system. Sophisticated trigger links help to synchronise all modules in the set-up. The introduction of the new high-speed oscilloscope module allows a user to create a digital oscilloscope with very high performance and with many more channels than are available in any conventional stand-alone instrument. This high-speed multi-channel capability makes it suited to demanding applications in nuclear physics and high-speed particle research. The system incorporates Ethernet (100Base-TX/10BaseT) communications interfaces, and can also be equipped with fibre-optic links to ensure isolated noise-free operation. The WE7311 1 GS/s digital oscilloscope module has voltage ranges from 5 mV per division to 500 mV per division, a resolution of eight bits, and a built-in memory of 2 Mword per channel, divisible into 2048 memory divisions. _______________________________________________ For further information, contact:- Yokogawa Martron Tel: +44(0) 1494 459200 Web: www.martron.co.uk December 2000