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New from Yokogawa Martron, the Yokogawa DL1740
SignalExplorer is a compact 4-channel digital
oscilloscope that combines a sampling rate of 1 GS/s,
an analogue bandwidth of 500 MHz and an exceptional
memory length of 1 Mword.

Despite its high-range performance, the new instrument, which
is small enough to occupy an A4 size footprint on a test bench
and weighs only 5.5 kg, is priced as a mid-range model.

The 500 MHz bandwidth is achieved using a dedicated
single-chip input amplifier, and the very fast screen update
rate of 30 times per second (even at 1 MW record length) results
from the use of a dedicated high-speed data-processor set
known as the Data Stream Engine. Both these innovations are
based on components designed in-house by Yokogawa, as are the
high-performance A/D convertors.

The combined effect of these new circuits is a big reduction in
component count, very low power consumption, minimal heatsink
requirements and therefore significant cost savings.

The DL1740 uses a 6.4-inch colour TFT liquid crystal display.
the repetition frequency of waveform data can be determined by
using brightness, thus emulating analogue oscilloscopes, but with
the additional capability of frequency of occurrence distinguished
by colour.

The instrument is equipped with USB compliant interfaces as
standard, allowing keyboards and USB printers to be connected.
The ability to use a keyboard has greatly improved the instrument's
ease of use, and screen images from the colour display can be
easily output to a colour printer. The Waveform Viewer software
provided allows the user to exchange waveform data and screen
images between the oscilloscope and a PC.

Other interfaces include GP-IB, RS-232 and an optional SCSI link.
A 100BaseTX Ethernet interface is available for LAN compatibility,
and an e-mail transmission function will provide 'go/no-go'
determination results and error messages, as well as measurement
data at designated time intervals sent to a specified email address.

A 250 MB Zip drive meets the need for large-capacity built-in
storage, necessary to take full advantage of the long memory
capability of the oscilloscope.

Other facilities include: history memory; history search; 'search
and zoom'; dual-zoom; auto-measure; and statistical measurements.
One unique function allows the user to designate two areas of the
waveform for waveform parameter measurement and calculate
both together.

An image save key allows screen image data to be saved with
one-touch operation to the internal floppy disk or Zip drive, via
SCSI to an external media, or via LAN to a network drive.

For more information, please contact :-
Yokogawa Martron

June 2001
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