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 Electromagnetic Flowmeter has
 Foundation Fieldbus Registration
The Yokogawa ADMAG AE range of electromagnetic flowmeters is now available with Foundation Fieldbus (FF) registration, confirming that is has been verified for conformance and interoperability to the Fieldbus Foundation's specifications and reaffirming Yokogawa's commitment to providing a complete package of FF compatible offerings. ADMAG AE features Yokogawa's patented dual-frequency excitation for both noise immunity and zero stability, making it ideally suited to high-performance applications such as batching, filling and the measurement of pulps and slurries. The flowmeter has a mechanically retained liner and robotically welded body, with PFA Teflon or ceramic liners in sizes from 2.5 to 300 mm. A CENELEC-approved explosion-proof housing makes the instrument suitable for use in hazardous environments. A choice of integral or remote electronics is offered for mounting flexibility, with surface-mount technology providing enhanced reliability. The electronic circuitry is separated from field wiring terminations by a dual-compartment housing, and an integral, backlit LCD design provides an easy operator interface. In the non-Fieldbus versions of the ADMAG, both pulse and analogue outputs are available, along with BRAIN or HART smart communications, providing remote monitoring, re-ranging and diagnostic capabilities. ________________________________________________ For further information, contact:- Yokogawa UK Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 1928 597100 Web: www.yokogawa.co.uk December 2000