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Pressure transmitter has 5-year guaranteed
stability specification.

The EJA Series of pressure transmitters from Yokogawa UK
is now being supplied with a guaranteed 5-year stability
specification, allowing users to operate a 'fit and forget' policy
even in the most demanding applications.

The ability to offer this guarantee results from the use of Yokogawa's
DPharp (High Accuracy Resonant Pressure) technology, which uses
a patented resonant silicon sensor to provide a combination of high
linearity, repeatability, low hysteresis and unsurpassed reference
accuracy of 0.01% in real terms.

The signals produced by the sensor are measured directly by the
transmitter' s microprocessor, providing an entirely digital pressure
measurement with long-term stability of 0.1% for five years.

This new 5-year specification is particularly significant as it is totally
unconditional. This means that extended calibration intervals can be
realised under the 'real world' conditions found on most plants. Hence
dramatic reductions in maintenance costs can be achieved over this

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February 2001