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Yokogawa's new pH and conductivity analysers
cut installation and set-up time.
Designed for OEMs and set builders, Yokogawa's new EXAxt 150 Series of pH and conductivity analysers dramatically cut installation and set-up time using an innovative integral mounting system and simple termination. The compact 96 × 96 mm configuration allows exceptionally high panel density, with very little room needed behind the panel. Waterproof sealing is to IP65, and a flip-top transparent cover is fitted to keep the display clean. Straightforward mounting is ensured by a unique built-in fixing system, which, together with removable terminal connections, will halve installation time. The first two instruments in the new range are the pH150, which will simultaneously measure and control both pH and ORP (redox) in process and waste water, and the SC150, for measuring and controlling specific conductivity. The new EXAxt 150 Series is based on the industry-leading analyser technology used in Yokogawa's established field-mountable EXA Series of instruments, with the addition of enhanced diagnostic features and a unique touch-screen interface with a backlit VGA graphical liquid-crystal display. The touch-screen interface provides simple, intuitive configuration and display facilities, including the reading of primary and secondary values, real-time trend graphing of process variables, diagnostics, event logbooks, and configuration data. The pH/ORP and conductivity analysers are fitted with two mA outputs as standard for transmission or control of the measurement parameters. The transmitted or control parameters for the pH/ORP unit may be pH, ORP or temperature. The conductivity unit can transmit or control conductivity, resistivity, percentage concentration, or temperature. Two relay contacts can be used for alarms or as control signals with frequency or pulse-width-modulating switching, and all control settings are fully configurable. HART communication and PID control functions are included as standard. Other features of the new devices include comprehensive, easy-to-use calibration routines, temperature-compensation functions, and global buffer tables. The combination of high performance, ease of installation and compactness makes the new analysers ideally suited to the requirements of equipment manufacturers and machine builders serving application sectors such as water supply, waste treatment, food and drink and semiconductor processing. ________________________________________________ For further information, contact:- Yokogawa UK Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 1928 597100 Web: www.yokogawa.co.uk March 2001
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