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Analysers for oxygen and humidity measurement.

The new EXAxt ZR Series of Zirconia analysers from
Yokogawa are designed for measuring oxygen content
or for making high-temperature humidity measurements
in boilers, kilns, furnaces and process heating applications.

The new analysers are developed from Yokogawa's field-proven
ZO21D zirconia probe technology, but feature a number of
performance enhancements and design innovations that make
them easy to use and cost-effective to operate and maintain
in the most stringent of in situ measurement environments.

 New features include an interactive touch-screen display, the
ability to measure three separate parameters simultaneously,
built-in HARTâ communications, and a modular design which
makes installation and maintenance very simple.

 The new range includes two models. The ZR402 is a remote
analyser designed for use with a separate zirconia probe,
while the ZR202 is an integrated transmitter/detector that
combines the detector and analyser into a compact package
with local display and infrared controls containing all the
intelligent functions required for in situ measurements.

The modular construction allows the heater and probe assembly
to be replaced on site, reducing maintenance costs. In addition,
the in situ measurement technique does not require any process
conditioning or extractive sampling, which further reduces
maintenance costs and allows faster measurement response
to changes in the process.

The zirconia detector is available in lengths from 15 cm to 5
meters, and can be used in process temperatures up to 700°C
and pressures up to 2.5 bar with a pressure compensation option.

The remote-mounted ZR402 incorporates features such as
automatic calibration control, sensor diagnostics, efficiency
calculations, real-time trend graphing, two user-configurable
analogue outputs, and three user-configurable measurement
parameters including oxygen concentration, relative humidity,
dewpoint and moisture content.

The integrated ZR202 unit includes a local LCD display and
infrared pushbutton operation for local adjustments and calibration
control. The HART communication protocol is used for instrument
configuration and accessing information on measured data
and diagnostics.

The units are designed to meet CENELEC requirements for
flameproof use.

For more information, please contact :-
Yokogawa UK Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1928 597100
Website: www.yokogawa.co.uk

June 2001
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