Coming Soon the 3-Space SensorTM LX Mini Bluetooth!

Yost Labs is excited to announce it will soon be introducing the 3-Space SensorTM LX Mini Bluetooth, an ultra-miniature, low energy, high performance, Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) that supports both Classic Bluetooth(2.1 EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BT4.0). The unit is compatible with Android, IOS, and PC platforms.

The new 3-Space SensorTM LX Mini Bluetooth has an internal update rate of up to 1750Hz and can stream sensor orientations at rates up to 144Hz while automatically reducing the effects of sensor noise and sensor error. This ultra-fast internal filter update rate is due to the sophisticated processing of Yost Labs’ proprietary sensor fusion algorithm, QGRAD2TM which is over 10 times more efficient than existing Kalman filter algorithms.

The high-precision, high-reliability, low-cost, AHRS uses triaxial gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass sensors in conjunction with advanced on-board filtering and processing algorithms to determine orientation relative to an absolute reference orientation in real-time. The combination of performance, size, and price of the 3-Space SensorTM LX Mini Bluetooth is unmatched by any competitors.

For greater ease of use with faster setup and more accurate results, this model features advanced on-board magnetometer auto-calibration and a gyro auto-calibration algorithms which allow the sensor to quickly adapt to changing environments.

The 3-Space SensorTM LX Mini Bluetooth is perfect for application areas such as wearables, sports perfomance analysis, robotics, motion capture, pedestrian tracking, unmanned navigation, healthcare monitoring, virtual reality, immersive simulation, and much more.

Available at the low cost of $130 per unit, all Yost Labs’ products include free access to our 3-Space Sensor Suite, API and other resources as well as free support to assist you in the integration of our technology with your application.

About Yost Labs
Yost Labs is one of Ohio’s fastest growing technology companies. The company is internationally recognized as a leader in advanced inertial motion sensor technology. Yost Labs has created inertial motion sensor fusion firmware that is 10x the computational efficiency of previous technologies – resulting in miniature MEMS sensors with low latency, low energy, and low heat. Applications range from human motion tracking in virtual reality to drone navigation. Our technology is sold as either a firmware license or as complete sensor units. Yost Labs’ sensors are displacing older technologies and are now standard components for the US Navy and US Air Force target drones as well for the Army Corps of Engineers Geospatial Mapping initiative. Yost Labs’ innovation has been recognized with five patent awards with numerous additional patent applications pending. The growing list of customers includes technology giants in computing, industrial equipment, robotics, and AR/VR.

January 2018

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