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Zettlex and Flow Mon celebrate partnership success

Flow-Mon, the Harrogate-based manufacturer of flow monitors and Zettlex, the Cambridge-based sensor manufacturer, recently celebrated the growing success of i-Mon - an intelligent, non-contact sensor module for liquid flow measurement.

i-Mon modules are built into Flow-Mon's range of flow monitors to enable local visual indication and remote electrical monitoring of liquid flow in a pipe. i-Mon is the result of a technical collaboration between the two companies that began six years ago and, from humble beginnings, the volume of i-Mon modules sold has grown steadily, with the majority of units now being exported to users all over the globe. i-Mon is available in standard and ATEX-rated versions.

Christian Freeman, Commercial Manager at Flow-Mon comments: "The great thing about i-Mon is its simplicity - it operates on a 24V, two-wire loop and is easy to fit, simple to use and never goes wrong. All the clever software and high-precision sensing technology is completely transparent to the user. We like it; our agents like it; and most importantly our customers love it."

Mark Howard, Zettlex Technical Manager agrees: "Given the number of units now operating in the field, the harsh operating conditions and their constant operation, this is a great advert for the reliability of Zettlex sensors."

About Zettlex UK Ltd:
Zettlex is a sensors company. The company's range of sensors measure position or speed accurately and reliably, even in harsh conditions.
Zettlex designs and manufactures sensors; supplies sensor components and integrated circuits. The company offers bespoke sensor design and development for specific customer applications.
Unique technology and laminar, printed designs, enables Zettlex to manufacture sensors that have no contacts, no bearings, no delicate parts and zero maintenance.
Zettlex sells directly to OEMs and system integrators across a broad range of industry sectors. Applications include position measurement, servos, motor controls, and user interfaces. Around 50 per cent of the company's business is safety-related or safety-critical.
Zettlex is ISO 9001 and BS EN 13980 certified for the manufacture of electromagnetic sensors, including sensors for intrinsically safe (ATEX) environments.

For more information, contact :

Mark Howard
Zettlex UK Ltd
Newton Court, Town Street, Newton, Cambridge CB22 7PE UK
T: +44 (0) 1223 874 444
F: +44 (0) 1223 874 111

April 2013

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