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Accurate position sensors for tough conditions

IncOder range expanded - Many more options now available

Zettlex's IncOder range now offers more than 4 million options on sizes, mountings, connectors, outputs signals and finishes. This newsletter tells you about the range expansion and the new, easy to read, scratch and sniff, IncOder Product Guide.

IncOder range now includes A/B pulse output

Revision 4.09 of the IncOder Product Guide now includes A/B pulse outputs which will go on sale from 31 March 2014. Options include RS422, TTL & HTL outputs with programmable Z-reference position and a choice of 1k to 524k counts per rev.

These devices are intended as a robust and compact alternative to hollow-shaft motor encoders for high rotational speeds up to 6000rpm.

More importantly, they are an aid to not getting fired for choosing the wrong position encoder.

Duplex IncOder launched

Zettlex's IncOder range now includes a selection of electrically duplex encoders. These are intended for safety related and high availability applications where electrical redundancy is either preferred or mandatory.

The Duplex range of IncOders offers the same levels of high precision in tough conditions as well as a wide choice of electrical interfaces.

Ultra Hi-rel options now included in IncOder Extended Range

Ultra hi-rel applications - notably in the aerospace sector - often have requirements for leaded solder, conductive caseworks and extended acceptance testing such as long duration burn-ins.

These options, together with a host of other other options for ultra hi-rel applications are now included as part of the extended family of IncOder options.

An idiot's guide to temperature coefficients

It's important for engineers to be able to tell who's a proper engineer and who's an imposter from lesser disciplines such as brain surgery, astrophysics or international human rights law. An excellent tool is the use of TLAs (three letter acronyms) and specialist jargon such as 'nut', 'bolt' etc.

If you are an imposter - or maybe just a normal person who doesn't know everything - you might find this article useful in understanding what a temperature coefficient is. It is particularly useful if want to measure position in environments with varying temperatures (where stuff expands and contracts so as to mess up your measurements if you've not bought a Zettlex product). Warning! - Do not operate heavy machinery whilst reading this article.

30 Countries & counting

During 2013 the proportion of Zettlex revenues from export was 64% and came from sales to a total of 30 countries : Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Romania, S. Korea, S. Africa, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates & United States of America.

Commenting on this success story for UK exports, David Cameron, UK Prime Minister said "Zepperlex? What's one of those?"

We hope you enjoy our Newsletter. More information is available on www.zettlex.com

Our company philosophy is simple:- hard work, honesty and great customer service. If we ever fall short of this I'd be obliged if you let me know.

Mark Howard,
General Manager

About Zettlex UK Ltd:
Zettlex is a sensors company. The company's range of sensors measure position or speed accurately and reliably, even in harsh conditions.
Zettlex designs and manufactures sensors; supplies sensor components and integrated circuits. The company offers bespoke sensor design and development for specific customer applications.
Unique technology and laminar, printed designs, enables Zettlex to manufacture sensors that have no contacts, no bearings, no delicate parts and zero maintenance.
Zettlex sells directly to OEMs and system integrators across a broad range of industry sectors. Applications include position measurement, servos, motor controls, and user interfaces. Around 50 per cent of the company's business is safety-related or safety-critical.
Zettlex is ISO 9001 and BS EN 13980 certified for the manufacture of electromagnetic sensors, including sensors for intrinsically safe (ATEX) environments.

For more information, contact :

Mark Howard
Zettlex UK Ltd
Newton Court, Town Street, Newton, Cambridge CB22 7PE UK
T: +44 (0) 1223 874 444
F: +44 (0) 1223 874 111

March 2014

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