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Thank you. It's been a record year

A big thank you to our customers, staff, reps and suppliers for your co-operation and support during 2014. Our tenth year in business has been another record year. Strong growth during 2014 has come from 3 sources:-
* Large contract wins in aerospace, medical & petrochemical sectors
* Projects transferring from R&D in to production
* Strong export sales - especially to the Far East.

Exports now account for >75% of Zettlex revenues with strong growth in medical and aerospace sectors.

Optocom & Zettlex sign S.E.Asia deal
Zettlex is delighted to announce that OptoCom Instruventures will represent Zettlex in Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia.

H.M.Supian, Optocom Sales Director comments "Zettlex sensors have a great reputation for accuracy and reliability in tough conditions and we are keen to build on their recent successes in S.E.Asia"

Why don't engineers like potentiometers anymore?
Potentiometers are still, by far, the most frequently used position sensor so why is it that every design engineer seems to be looking for a non-contact alternative?

Technical Library
All our CAD files, technical articles and data sheets are now, finally on-line.

New Prototyping Facility
Zettlex's computer aided engineering is world class - allowing us to design, build & test our sensor designs on-screen before we build any hardware. Nevertheless, there's no substitute for getting first units built and tested. Timescales are often critical and so we've expanded our capacity with a 2000 sq.ft. dedicated prototyping facility complete with 3D printer as well as all the tools, test kit & materials to ensure shortest possible lead-times. The image shows a colleague pretending to do some soldering.

Do you think it'll still work?
We are often pleasantly surprised at how much stick our products will cope with. However, we were more than a bit surprised with the following phone call:- "Do you think it'll still work?"

DSEI 2015
Zettlex will be exhibiting at next year's DSEI - make a date in your diary for 15 to 19 September 2015 at London's Excel Centre.

On show will be some exciting new additions to our IncOder range as well as Zettlex staff on hand to provide all the very latest information.

Please do come and see us to claim your free Zettlex tie or shirt by shouting at the very large man in the suit "You are Captain Bowns formerly of the Royal Anglian Regiment and I claim my free Zettlex tie*/shirt!" (* - to be arbitrarily decided depending on how he feels.)

Zettlex's business philosophy is straightforward - hard work, honesty, fair prices and great customer service. If we ever fall short of this, I'd be obliged if you could let me know.

Mark Howard
General Manager

About Zettlex UK Ltd:
Zettlex is a sensors company. The company's range of sensors measure position or speed accurately and reliably, even in harsh conditions.
Zettlex designs and manufactures sensors; supplies sensor components and integrated circuits. The company offers bespoke sensor design and development for specific customer applications.
Unique technology and laminar, printed designs, enables Zettlex to manufacture sensors that have no contacts, no bearings, no delicate parts and zero maintenance.
Zettlex sells directly to OEMs and system integrators across a broad range of industry sectors. Applications include position measurement, servos, motor controls, and user interfaces. Around 50 per cent of the company's business is safety-related or safety-critical.
Zettlex is ISO 9001 and BS EN 13980 certified for the manufacture of electromagnetic sensors, including sensors for intrinsically safe (ATEX) environments.

For more information, contact :

Mark Howard
Zettlex UK Ltd
Newton Court, Town Street, Newton, Cambridge CB22 7PE UK
T: +44 (0) 1223 874 444
F: +44 (0) 1223 874 111

November 2014

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