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From: Hasan Abadi - 19.5.2015

Dear sir/madam
I have instaled a PT100 sensor (3 wire type) in a water pump tank and it is connected to its relay. It should have 100 ohm resistace brtween one wire and the other wires and the other 2 wires shoukd be short circuit.
But all the three wires are short circuit .
Can you explain me the problem and solution way?
Thank you so much


From Eric De Reuben - 21.10.2014

We are Looking for a Sensor for a Suspension Stroke Measurement (Mcpherson Front & Trailing Arm / Torsion Beam Rear )Suspension System in a Vehicle

Eric De Reuben

From Douglas Thng - 16.9.2014

Hello Mike

I am looking for a hardware interface/adapter to convert the signal of a PT100 probe to a K-Type equivalent. The reason being the data logger in use only reads K-Type thermocouple.

Would appreciate if you could recommend a solution.

With thanks,
Douglas Thng

From Riddhi Doshi - 15.7.2014

Hello Sir,
I am requiring to get detailed note on some of the human presence detection sensors( stationary as well as moving).

Riddhi Doshi

From Paul Michelow - 28.3.2014

Looking for very inexpensive ph sensor. Looking for something like those in the very inexpensive water test units that sell for $5 to $20 on line. This is for a low cost consumer item in multi K quantities.


Paul Michelow - Into Devices Inc.

From: B.V.Prasad - 15.4.2013

Dear sir/madam

I am faceing trouble with my H2s gas detector, when it is connected to very near to IS barrier with out ground it shows very high value instead of Zero. Operating voltage is 24v. When I connected more than 50m it is ok. Make. Drager.
Can u help to find reason.

Keppel feels

From: Francis Dibia - 30.1.2013

Good day,
I am an employee at ArcelorMittal Dofasco in Canada and I’m looking for a way of measuring how much moisture is left on a 20m wide steel strip to avoid corrosion in the near future. The strip is cold rolled to reduce its thickness and in the process, coolant (mixture of water and oil) is sprayed on it. After spraying it passes through a vacuum to suck up the coolant so any moisture left on the strip is invisible to the human eye. The strip goes to an inspection station where several tests are carried out on the strip but there’s no way of telling if the moisture left on the strip is enough to indicate imminent corrosion.
P.S. There are no environmental specifics.

Francis Dibia

Phone #: +1 (905) 719 8152

From: Pascal Barth - 10.10.2012

Lux measuring from the sealing

Hey everyone I have to build a device witch I can install to the sealing and that tells me how bright it is on the floor. I thought of a normal Photodiode witch I shielded from the sides and pointed it towards the floor but the problem is that depending to the surface I point my sensor on I get different reflections. Has anyone an idea how to avoid that problem? Or is there an existing Sensor?

Pascal Barth


From: Manohar Pawar

Dear Sirs,

We are looking for sensor to identify the difference between tapped hole and untapped hole in machining with online detection system. We are intending to use media which can change the color of tapped hole which can mixed with water soluble fluid which use in machining.


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