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Thermatel® Enhanced Model TA2

The Thermatel® Model TA2 air and gas mass flow meter from Magnetrol International - was introduced to the marketplace nearly ten years ago. Although the device has a proven track record of reliability and precise flow measurement, we decided to carry out further improvements in line with customer and market needs.

Magnetrol International is pleased to announce the release of the Thermatel® Enhanced Model TA2. At a first glance the enhanced model looks identical to the original design but it's much more. All standard input voltages (AC and DC) are accepted and the rotatable housing allows positioning of the display to the customer's liking. The display, two lines with sixteen characters each, is now backlit; this allows easy reading in bad weather conditions or dark environments. The four push-button keypad facilitates easy configuration allowing the customer to make modifications in the field.

The Enhanced Model TA2 can be calibrated for one or two different gasses or two completely different ranges, thus also increasing turndown ratio or providing more flexibility. By updating the sensors and sensor design, higher velocities can be measured, and a faster response to changing conditions is obtained. In addition, the new design reduces blockage of flow through the window and reduces orientation sensitivity.

There is also a second optional mA output for temperature or flow. Using HART® and PACTware™ is strongly advised as it is helpful for trending, changing any configuration and use for diagnostic purposes. The obtained history log is kept in a non-volatile memory so it can be easily retrieved should there be a need. While this is a SIL 1 device the Enhanced Model TA2 has a Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of 88.4%. This amongst the highest for this type of devices. This is important when used in a safety system.
For more product and valuable application information on TA2, go to:

Thermate Enhanced Model TA2

Magnetrol International is pleased to announce the release of the Thermatel® Enhanced Model TA2. At a first glance the enhanced model looks identical to the original design but it's much more. All standard input voltages (AC and DC) are accepted and the rotatable housing allows positioning of the display to the customer's liking. The display, two lines with sixteen characters each, is now backlit; this allows easy reading in bad weather conditions or dark environments. The four push-button keypad facilitates easy configuration allowing the customer to make modifications in the field.

The Enhanced Model TA2 can be calibrated for one or two different gasses or two completely different ranges, thus also increasing turndown ratio or providing more flexibility. By updating the sensors and sensor design, higher velocities can be measured, and a faster response to changing conditions is obtained. In addition, the new design Eclipse® 705 in critical applications
Released in 1998, The Magnetrol International NV Eclipse® Model 705 was the first two wire guided wave radar (GWR) on the market. Thirteen years later, this high quality GWR device is still fluently finding its way to highly critical applications.

The Eclipse® 705 is type approved for steam drums, EN 12952-11 (water tube boilers) and EN 12953-9 (shell type boilers) as "primary safety" and "secondary safety". Combined with a 7MS probe the device can be used in saturated steam applications at a pressure of 155 bar at an equivalent temperature of 345°C.

Additional diagnostic tools allow the user to integrate this transmitter into highly demanding safety instrument loops. With a Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of 91% the device scores amongst the highest - if not the highest - safety levels.

It is possible to install two or even three Eclipse® devices on one external cage for specific applications. Even when installing only two devices in one cage a SIL3 safety level can be obtained. Adding a third device to the same cage assures continuity to the production process. The three obtained individual level signals increase the overall reliability.

A typical example for such an extreme safety application can be found in the power generation sector where accurate monitoring of water levels in steam drum and boilers is a must. It is a challenge maintaining constant liquid level in the upper part of the drum in order to provide the proper quality of steam. Instrumentation must withstand high temperatures and pressures.

For more information on the Magnetrol Eclipse®705, please go to:

Noise & Vibration Analysis: SO Analyzer with New Software and Hardware

The SO Analyzer is m+p international's versatile real-time analyzer for noise and vibration measurement, analysis and reporting in the field and in the lab. It is scalable and offers modules for signal processing and time data recording, structural testing, rotating machinery, acoustic analysis, environmental testing analysis as well as for vehicle pass-by-noise testing.

Our latest SO Analyzer Rev. 4.1 supports up to four VibPilot devices with a total of 32 input channels, 8 sources and high-speed tacho counters. VibPilot is m+p international's portable, fan-less 4- or 8-channel front-end with 24-bit resolution and USB 2.0 interfacing. Devices are synchronized via a master clock with no loss of their excellent measurement performance across multiple units.

New applications such as Normal Mode Tuning (for structural test), Sound Power Wizard (Acoustic) and Toneality (Acoustic) together with over 40 other new features mean this release has something for everyone and offers the most complete integrated solution in the market.

Data Acquisition functionality includes temperature logging alongside dynamic measurements: National Instruments 9211 4-channel or 9213 16-channel thermocouple input modules can be used in conjunction with any of the other SO Analyzer supported dynamic acquisition hardware to record thermal conditions while gathering dynamic data.

The user interface has been completely revised and adapted to the latest Windows themes and styles. Step by step wizards assist the user to personalise his functionality to best suit the common applications being performed.

In addition, SO Analyzer now provides unlimited throughput to disc recording of time sample data including the option of multiple scheduled recording. Our latest SO Analyzer Rev. 4.0 introduces a lot of other useful capabilities such as advanced modal testing functionality for GVT and network-based licensing for concurrent user access anywhere on the user network with the added option of detachable licensing.
Richard Lax m+p international (UK) Ltd. Mead House Bentley, Hampshire GU10 5HY, United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) (0)1420 521222 Fax: (+44) (0)1420 521223 Email:

Vibration Controller & Dynamic Signal Analyzer Expanded

Since their release the 4 and 8 channel VibPilot module from m+p international have become a popular solution for vibration control and dynamic data acquisition applications due to their compact size, excellent analog performance and speed. The unit's flexibility has now been further enhanced by expansion of the system channel count capability with new software that takes advantage of the integrated clock and trigger daisy-chain links.

Using the latest VibControl software up to three modules can be supported to provide full 24 channel shaker control and monitoring with all test modes from basic sine, random, shock to mixed mode, SRS and advanced time replication fully compliant with ISO, DIN, MIL-STD 810 and all other vibration testing standards.

Up to 32 channels using 4 modules with the SO Analyzer software suite can handle real time dynamic acquisition up to 102kHz sampling rate with integrated analysis applications such as time recording, FFT, wavelet time-frequency, structural, rotational dynamics and numerous sound measurement methods.

With this new expanded capability using VibPilot, m+p international sets a new standard for affordable performance in vibration testing and dynamic signal analysis. Using the latest DSP and analog technology VibPilot provides market leading dynamic range and outstanding real-time performance via high-speed USB interfacing. It's a complete multi-purpose solution using our VibControl and SO Analyzer software for shaker testing and general data acquisition, analysis and reporting.

The mobile, yet powerful and highly precise VibPilot covers the complete measurement process from acquisition to reporting. Rugged and dust-proof, VibPilot can be operated indoors and outdoors under harsh conditions. The fan-less, noise-free operation enables acoustic measurements requiring a low noise environment. The eight digital inputs/outputs process and monitor external control signals thus enabling automatic operation under climatic chamber control for combined environment test programs.
Richard Lax m+p international (UK) Ltd. Mead House Bentley, Hampshire GU10 5HY, United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) (0)1420 521222 Fax: (+44) (0)1420 521223 Email:

Renishaw to focus on position feedback at Sensors and Systems 2011

Renishaw, a world leading engineering technologies company, will be exhibiting the latest additions to its range of position feedback encoders at the Sensors and Systems exhibition, being held in Farnborough from 14-15 September. Visitors to stand B17 will see a new component level magnetic encoder, a new absolute optical encoder with a range of serial communications options, and new additions to Renishaw's popular TONiC™ range of incremental encoders.

Renishaw's TONiC™ incremental optical encoders provide the accuracy of fragile fine-pitch encoders, but in a rugged, simple-to-install package. New additions to the range of linear and rotary encoders include 1 nm and 2 nm resolutions, a dual output encoder interface, UHV compatible formats and compatibility with Renishaw's Dual Signal Interface (DSi) for high accuracy angle encoding.

For embedded motion control applications, RoLin™ is a component level non-contact magnetic encoder designed for use as a position control loop feedback element. The system consists of a readhead and magnetic scale or ring, with electronics inside the readhead allowing high interpolation rates up to 13 bits and fault monitoring. A wide range of resolutions is available from 0.244 µm to 125 µm, with speeds up to 40 metres/sec dependent on chosen resolution. Radial or axial reading of the ring is possible, and applications are expected to be for high volume, miniature axes in a wide range of industry sectors.

Visitors to Sensors and Systems will also be able to see the revolutionary RESOLUTE™ true absolute optical encoder, which is capable of 27 bit resolution at 36,000 rpm. The fine-pitch system offers excellent dirt immunity, while delivering market-leading resolution of just 1 nanometer at up to 100 m/s, for both linear and angle encoding applications. It is available with a range of high-speed serial protocols including the BiSS®-C (uni-directional) open protocol and FANUC serial communications in linear encoder format.

For more information about Renishaw's encoder products visit

Nitrogen Purging Protects Sensing Systems against Humidity and Condensation

Brownell introduces the NEPS1000 (Nitrogen Enhanced Purge System), which is designed to maximise the dry gas purging process for the removal of humidity within all sensing systems. Preventing condensation and high humidity provides increased reliability and extends equipment life and operational availability.

Dry gas purging is used as a part of the manufacturing process, which creates a dry inert internal environment. The use of dry nitrogen will lower the oxygen concentration within equipment reducing any oxidation effects for Infra red & thermal imaging systems along with most optical & laser systems

NEPS1000 provides the user with complete gas control and management, whilst maximising the use of dry gas and improving purging efficiency. NEPS1000 is fully automatic and can be programmed to achieve the users required dryness without manual intervention.

The dryness of the gas is important to the effectiveness of the purging operation and the in-built dewpoint monitor can be used to check the quality of the purge gas. The NEPS1000 has an in-built leak test facility, this enables users to qualify the sealing standard of their equipment.

NEPS1000 range is available in both laboratory and portable versions for field and remote applications and can operate from global country voltages and frequencies ranging from 100 to 230 VAC at 50-60Hz.

Further information and reader enquiries: Nisha Patel - Brownell Ltd
Unit 2 - Abbey Road Industrial Park - Commercial Way - Park Royal - London - NW10 7XF
Tel: +44 (0)208 965 9281 Fax: (0)208 965 3239

Essential, Everyday Tools for Testing and Measuring from Testo!

Testo is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high quality, hand-held test instrumentation, made to measure many parameters. Increased concerns about saving the environment and reducing wastage has become a priority, making regular testing a necessity.

Testo will be showcasing its range of high quality Thermal Imaging Camera's, which have become even more affordable. With extensive features, essential to everyday use, they become the clear winner.

New to the market this year is the new generation of data loggers, which offer exceptional user-friendliness and security. The range consists of 13 data loggers, measuring temperature, humidity and absolute pressure giving you the right solutions for all applications.

Also on show will be the popular Testo 435 Multi-function which offers engineers a single instrument that can measure all the key parameters needed to determine Indoor Air Quality and efficient installation and maintenance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems.

Testo offer Service and Calibration to a wide range of instrumentation, with a fully equipped service, calibration and repair centre run by an experienced team. The UKAS laboratory offers accredited (ISO 17025:2005) calibration in the parameters of temperature, humidity and dew point. ISO calibration is also available for pressure, airflow, lux, sound and gas analysis. With a pick up and return service newly established, it makes it easier to get your instrument serviced and calibrated.

Come and visit us on Stand P18 to find out more about on-stand offers and to see the full range of instrumentation for pressure, humidity, temperature, RPM, multi-function, sound, stationary and emissions.

Find out more at or call our Technical Sales Team on 01420 544 433.

Impress Sensors to unveil new pressure and level instrumentation at Sensors+Systems exhibition

Visitors to stand A5 at this year's Sensors+Systems for Control and Instrumentation exhibition (14-15 September 2011) will have the opportunity to view a range of new pressure and level transmitters from instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd.

New products on the stand will include the IDSL and IDCL, a range of submersible level transmitters with 'Dual' 4-20mA current loop outputs for both level and temperature measurement; the DM01, a new high accuracy digital pressure gauge with integrated data logging and serial interface; the DCT Series, a new digital output pressure transmitter with RS485 communications; and the DMP339, a ¼-inch flush diaphragm pressure transmitter.

Also unveiled at the show will be the new DMP304 range of ultra-high pressure transmitters. The design of the sensor is based on a compensated strain gauge, bonded onto a stainless steel diaphragm. With its rugged, stainless steel housing, the sensor offers a maximum nominal pressure of 6,000 bar, making it suitable for use in a wide range of high-pressure industrial applications, including hydraulic circuits, water jet spraying, and other high-pressure chemicals and pharmaceuticals applications.

In addition to pressure and level transmitters, the stand will also showcase Impress Sensors' comprehensive range of control and instrumentation systems, including process meters and multi-channel controllers.

The CMC-99 for example, is a compact, multi-channel controller with touch-screen display, which is ideal for the simultaneous measurement and control of a wide variety of process manufacturing applications. As well as providing up to 8 PID control functions, the controller now comes with integrated JAVA Applets, enabling the user to create web pages in order to view process data in Real Time via the device's Ethernet connection. The CMC-99 is therefore suitable for a wide range of process applications, including centralised temperature measurement and control; multi-zone heating control; intermediate pumping station control; spraying and heating control for greenhouses; control of industrial furnaces and incinerators; and for engine test cell measurements.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd comments: "We want to make the stand more interactive for visitors to the show, so there will be more working demonstrations of our pressure and level transmitters, as well as a live set up showing the CMC-99 controller and indicators connected to a working control panel."

For more information please visit the website at or to arrange a product demonstration on the stand, please call the sales department on 0118 981 7980. Web:

Multi-channel Data Recorder

Micro Movements Ltd. has specialised in the design and manufacture of data recording and analysis instrumentation for approaching 40 years. The systems have been used in many industrial and research areas, particularly in the aerospace, automotive and defence fields.

On their stand, they will be demonstrating the MML5425 multi-channel data recorder, several of which have recently been supplied to the MoD. This extremely compact and stand-alone system offers the ability to work in high shock environments, up to 500G. Each 12 channel system measures only 48 x 42 x 42 mm including the computer interface. It has a 16 bit resolution with a sample rate of up to 25k per channel, together with onboard processing and a generous 6Gb of memory.

The modular system starts with a base 'slice' that can accommodate up to 8 sensor input Bridge 'slices'. Each Bridge 'slice' contains 3 analogue input channels that then are stacked or daisy-chained to create a system. Connecting to the base 'slice' is easy - one cable contains power, communication and control signals.
Website :

Low Noise Accelerometers from Techni Measure

Dytran have recently introduced several new triaxial accelerometers. In particular the models 3333A and 3363A offer miniature size with low noise outputs. Both are IEPE type sensors and available with sensitivities of 10, 50 or 100mV/g, but the 3333A are adhesive mount, whereas the 3363A are stud mount.

Both sensors have a 4-pin connector, but the 3333A connector is 20% smaller than the standard design. This small connector and adhesive mounting makes the 3333A series very small (approx. 9mm cube) and very lightweight at around 2.3 grams. The laser welded titanium housing contains the shear design ceramic sensing elements which, coupled with ultra low noise JFET electronics, gives an excellent signal to noise ratio and good low frequency response.

The 3363A series comes in a similar 9.1mm square hermetically sealed titanium housing but they are about 12mm high and have an industry standard size 4-pin connector on the side, making it heavier at 4 grams. Mounting can be via a 10-32 stud, but the noise and frequency ranges are the same as the 3333A. Both models are ideal for modal analysis applications but can also be used in general vibration measurements, shaker control, squeak and rattle and NVH measurements, where small size and weight, coupled with a good frequency response, are an important consideration.

Dytran sensors are avilable in the UK from Techni Measure.

Micro-Epsilon to unveil new blue laser sensors at Sensors & Systems Show

Visitors to stand P47 at this year's Sensors+Systems for Control and Instrumentation exhibition (14-15 September 2011) will have the opportunity to view a range of new sensors from precision measurement specialist Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd.

Highlights on the stand include the official UK launch of the unique Blue Laser Sensors, as well as demonstrations of the thermoIMAGER TIM160, and the scanCONTROL 2710 laser profile sensor with Ethernet interface.

Blue Laser Sensors
A world first in laser triangulation sensor technology, Micro-Epsilon's new innovative Blue laser sensor will be demonstrated for the first time in the UK at the show.

Blue Laser Sensors operate on the laser triangulation measuring principle and use blue laser technology. The sensors are ideal for measurements on hot, glowing metals, particularly in hot steel processing, as well as for measuring organic materials such as skin, foodstuffs, plastics, veneers and wood.

The wavelength of the blue laser offers significant benefits. Unlike a red laser, the blue laser light does not penetrate the measuring object due to its reduced wavelength of 405nm. The blue laser generates a lower intensity laser spot on the surface and therefore offers more stable, precise measurements on targets that conventional red laser sensors have difficulty measuring.

The Blue Laser sensors are equipped with new high-end optical lenses, a new intelligent laser control and evaluation algorithms. The sensor is suitable for red glowing metals up to 1,600 deg C, silicon to 1,150 deg C.

Low cost alternative to thermal imagers
Powered and operated via a USB 2.0 interface, the thermoIMAGER TIM160 is a low cost (£2,950) inline radiometric thermal imaging camera that provides temperature images and profiles of a target area.

This plug-and-play unit is supplied with a full software package that enables the user to configure all device parameters, as well as enabling the real time capture (at 120Hz full frame rate) and storage of images or video of an event for slow motion play back or snapshots at a later date - an important feature in R&D and failure diagnostics work.

Rather than supplying the thermoIMAGER TIM160 with a single factory calibrated optical lens, Micro-Epsilon offers users the option of up to three interchangeable lenses (6, 23 and 48 degree FOV). For R&D test engineers who may be unsure of which applications they will use the device for, the three interchangeable lenses cater for every possible field of view for temperature monitoring tasks.

Higher resolution laser profile scanner with Ethernet connectivity
Also on the stand will be the new scanCONTROL 2710 series with integrated Ethernet connection. These sensors are extremely compact with an integrated controller, providing a complete solution for the measurement of angles, steps, position and 2D profiles. Profiling of adhesive beads, weld seams, grooves and gaps is also possible.

After the sensor has been configured using the new scanCONTROL Configuration Tools 2.0 software, the sensor can perform data acquisition, profile calculations and measured value generation at full resolution (100 Hz). The sensor is therefore ideal for robotics and automation tasks and is available in 25mm and 100mm measuring ranges.

Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) has introduced a new handheld thermometer.

After the launch of the bench mounting milliK Precision Thermometer Isotech are now launching a handheld thermometer, the TTI-10.

This brings the performance of high accuracy bench thermometer to a portable battery powered device. When used with Isotech Semi Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers accuracies of 0.02°C are achievable over the range from -80°C to 200°C, with a resolution of 0.001°C.

The high precision makes the instrument suitable for both calibration, when used alongside portable temperature calibrators such as the Isotech range of Dry Blocks, and also for general purpose high accuracy measurements in industrial and scientific applications.

The instrument can capture minimum, maximum and mean values and has two PRT inputs with single, dual and differential display modes. It is supplied with a protective rubber sleeve, PC cable and software.

Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) has introduced a new type of precison thermometer.

Isotech are pleased to announce the milliK, a new Precision Thermometer- named after the unit for one thousandth of a degree Celsius, 1mK, 0.001°C. The milliK is accurate to 3mK, 0.003°C with a resolution to 0.0001°C.

It can be used with both laboratory and industrial types of standard thermometers :- SPRTs, PRTs, Thermocouples, Thermistors and process inputs. In addition to high accuracy measurement, the milliK logs data with virtually unlimited capacity and can also be used to control Isotech Dry Blocks and temperature calibration baths.

Data can be logged to a USB Memory Drive or internal memory and opened directly in Microsoft ExcelTM. The large colour display has both numeric and graphical display modes and facilitates easy configuration of the instrument.

The milliK has three input channels, two with a choice of thermistor, resistance thermometer or thermocouple inputs and a third input for current transmitters. It is compatible with Isotech's automatic calibration software and multiplexors.

The instrument can be programmed with a range of data to suit both ITS-90 (SPRT) and IEC 751 conversions and there is sufficient memory to store date for an unlimited number of probes. To ease data entry, a keyboard can be attached to the USB port.

The milliK is an ideal instrument for calibrating industrial temperature sensors with its ability to measure all sensor types, support Standard Thermometers and to interface with calibration baths. Other applications include high accuracy measuring and logging in pharmaceutical, research, scientific, industrial and environmental monitoring.

See the Pickering Programmable Resistor Modules at the Show

Pickering Interfaces are exhibiting, in addition to an extensive catalogue of T&M switching products, their family of Programmable Resistor modules. These are ideal for a wide variety of sensor emulation applications and can also simulate cable faults. The range of over 40 modules includes specific RTD and Strain Gauge simulators.

New Pressure Sensor Family to be seen at Sensors+Systems Show

Balluff introduces BPS, a newly developed series of pressure sensors with IP 67 protection for use in gaseous and liquid media. The rugged devices feature a high-quality, long-term stable ceramic load cell and an especially attractive price/performance ratio, simple installation, high operating comfort and high precision.

A large, bright and easily visible display ensures immediate status overview. This shows not only the current system pressure in bar, mbar, PSI and MPa, but also features fast and simple configuration of the sensors according to the VDMA standard, using 2 keys and intuitive menu guidance.

With 11 pressure range versions the BPS sensors cover all the im-portant ranges from -1...0 bar up to 0...600 bar for monitoring process media in factory automation. Typical applications include hydraulics monitoring as well as pneumatics equipment. The new Balluff pressure sensors, available in the standard model with plastic housing and in the high-end version with stainless steel, offer either two switching points or one switching output plus analog channel (0...10V or 4...20mA).

Thanks to their highly compact design the sensors can be easily located in the control cabinet without taking up valuable space. The display with operating panel and electrical connection can be rotated independently of each other by 320° with respect to the flange. Adapting to different process terminations using G ¼ internal threads is easily accomplished using optional adapters in various sizes and styles.

The high-end models with their stainless steel housing and expanded temperature range were especially designed for demanding applica-tions in harsh environments, making them ideal for use with wind pow-er turbines, offshore installations as well as HVAC technology.

Burkert Builds on the Success of Steam Training with New Free Courses for Hygienic Processing

Bürkert is addressing the problems of skills shortages, sustainability and environmental and regulatory compliance in process markets, by introducing a second series of training courses dealing with the critical subject of Hygienic Processing. In common with Bürkert’s highly successful Steam Training courses - more of which are to be run shortly - the Hygienic Processing courses are free of charge.

We certainly appear to have struck a chord with the training courses that we are providing for the process, food, pharmaceutical and bio-medical sectors,” said Bürkert’s UK and Eire Marketing Manager Helen Christopher. “Our Steam Training courses were quickly oversubscribed, so we are now providing more to meet the demand. The new Hygienic Processing courses are also the result of feedback from our customers, regarding the specific types of training that they require to meet the continuing challenges they face, both from competitive markets and also as a result of the demands placed upon them by increasingly stringent regulatory regimes.”

The courses are being run as comprehensive one-day modules by looking at compliance considerations in hygienic processing, then at ways of achieving higher process yields with minimum plant footprint, at the same time as achieving maximum clean-ability and optimum process flexibility.

Day one looks at aspects for optimising connectivity and valve solutions for modern hygienic processing plants. The training course discusses the connectivity challenges for sterile process design, with discussion of the solutions available today. After lunch, the course moves on to considerations for effective valve solutions: the design criteria and development of materials of construction in valve solutions. Also covered is the evolution of diaphragm valve solutions – with particular emphasis on reducing dead volumes.

Day two looks at solutions for keeping a modern hygienic processing plant clean and safe, including critical measurements and considerations, what can you do to save money in your washing cycle. On the day you will go through a design check list to assess your plant and look at other practical tips with real life case studies.

Day three considers fermentation solutions with an introduction to the application and requirements for success. The course will look at background details as well as terms and definitions plus useful advice such as specification considerations, hints to guarantee process conditions.

Day four explores extended options for mechanical solutions, and working within guidelines. The course covers performance indicators for plant efficiency and control architecture possibilities.

“We are covering a lot of ground on each day, but all the material is highly relevant and covers the key subjects that our customers need to know about,” said Helen Christopher. “In addition, we understand the time pressures under which our customers operate; that’s why we’ve compacted the courses into separate single day modules which delegates are welcome to attend one, some or all depending on their interest and work commitments”.

Bürkert is inviting potential applicants for the Hygienic Training course to contact Helen Christopher, Bürkert UK and Eire Marketing Manager: Tel: (0)1453 731353 Fax: +44 (0)1453 731343 E-mail:

Unitronics Snap-In I/O offers more flexibility for Vision Series Integrated PLC+HMIs.

Globally known for their uniquely designed Programmable Logic Controllers with integrated HMIs, Unitronics proudly introduces the latest member of their Snap-in I/O Module series: the V200-18-E62B.

The convenience is clear: Unitronics PLC + HMI package exempts machine manufacturers from setting up Panel-PLC communication- saving programming time, cabinet space and money. This single Ladder Logic programming environment is part of the Unitronics "all-in-one package", and is available at no additional cost.

Unitronics Snap-in I/Os are a convenient, affordable way to "snap" your choice of a variety of I/O combinations directly to the back of most "Vision" series PLC + HMI controllers. Most "Vision" series controllers enable the user to pick and choose from an assortment of Snap-in I/O combinations to fit their specific application needs. A whole system's requirements can be fulfilled with just one "Snap"! Connecting directly to the back of a Unitronics Vision200, Vision500, Vision1040 or Vision1210 series PLC+HMI, the new V200-18-E62B Snap-in module now supports a total combination of 62 analog and digital inputs and outputs. Specifically, this combination includes: 30 Digital inputs (including 2 shaft encoder inputs), 2 analog inputs, 28 digital outputs, and 2 high-speed digital outputs.

With additional expansion modules, mounted locally or remotely up to 1000m from the controller, configurations can be expandable up to 1024 I/O. Unitronics solitary Snap-in I/Os (without expansion units) typically range from 30 - (now) 62 I/O with the new V200-18-E62B. Basic Snap I/O options can include: digital and analog inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O, PT100/Thermocouple capabilities, and weight measurement.

Additional features of the "Enhanced Vision" series controllers (V1210, V1040, V570, V350, V560, V290 Color, and V130) include: A USB programming port, recipe capabilities, Micro SD card memory storage for data logging and back up, complete PLC cloning and more. Communication options include Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1 slave, J1939, and CANopen, UniCan.

Now able to provide even more flexibility when configuring a system's precise requirements, the new Snap-in module offers particular appeal wherever budget is a primary factor. Being equipped with many I/Os allows this snap-in module to help cut costs by taking the place of lower I/O count modules and adapters that may have otherwise been purchased.
UK Unitronics Distributor

Workshops & Registration
Workshop places can be reserved online together with free registration for a FREE visitor e-ticket to the show by visiting Early booking is advised, as space will be limited.

For exhibiting information please contact Gail Downham on 01822 614671 or email on

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