Instructional Videos
How to bond a Strain Gauge by ESI Technology Ltd.
How a Strain Gauge works
by Geoffrey Thorpe
Strain Gauge Selection
by HBM UK Ltd.
How a Capacitive Level Sensor works
by Gill Sensors
How to avoid Sensor Cabling Problems
by PCB Piezotronics
Brake Pedal Load Cell
by Applied Measurements Ltd.
Strain Gauge Amplfiers
Disposable Medical Liquid Flow Sensor
by Sensirion AG
LVDT Position Sensors
by Applied Measurements Ltd.
Wire Rope Sensor used on Dam Lock Gate
by Waycom GmbH
Point Level Safety Switch
by AMETEK Drexelbrook
The Sound of Material Testing
by Zwick Roell
ESI - Pressure Transmitters and Sensors
AML - Force, weight, pressure, torque sensors

How a Strain Gauge works... by Geoffrey Thorpe

Take a look at this video >>

How to bond a Strain gauge... by ESI Technology

The installation of a strain gauge is probably the most crucial part of strain measurement....
A poor quality installation could discredit your tests costing time and money. Bonding strain gauges requires skill, attention to detail and patience as well as the correct tools and adhesives. To check out how to do it take a look at this video >>
 How a Capacitive Level Sensor works... by Gill Sensors

To check out how to they work, take a look at this video >>
How to select the right Strain Gauge... by HBM

Watch the HBM video >>

 How to avoid sensor cabling problems... by PCB Piezotronics

The CCGBP Brake Pedal Load Cell... by Applied Measurements Ltd.

Strain Gauge Amplifiers... by FUTEK

It takes 30 seconds...
It takes 30 seconds to schedule a haircut. It takes 30 seconds to update your Facebook relationship status. It takes 30 seconds to take and upload a selfie. And it takes 30 seconds for the IAA100 and IAA200 to change the way you think about strain gauge amplifiers.
Enjoy the next 30 seconds!

A Game Changer for Infusion Therapies ... A Disposable Liquid Flow Sensor from Sensirion AG

For more information, please visit or watch the product video here:

4 weeks for a LVDT Position Sensors that's made specially for you... by Applied Measurements Ltd.

Watch the LVDT video here >>

Wire Rope Sensor used on Dam Lock Gate... by Waycom GmbH

Link to the video:
Link to the product videos:

 AMETEK Drexelbrook Product Information
1). How to change modes
2). Floating Roof Tanks Spill Prevention
3). Universal IV Level System
  Point Level Switch

The Sound of Material Testing
Zwick´s sound of materials testing. All sounds originate from different types of materials testing machines. The result: an electro machine sound loop “made by” destroying metals, crushing food, melting plastics, bending medical products, tearing paper, breaking smart phones and a lot of other things! Click the logo image >>

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