Rotary sensors for tight installation spaces

Confined spaces, difficult environments and high price sensitivity - with a combination of these factors, angle measurement becomes a demanding undertaking. Contelec's launch of its affordable Vert-X 05E introduces an ultra-compact rotary encoder with physical architecture that makes it suitable for use in extremely tight spaces. Encapsulated in a high-grade, temperature-resistant epoxy resin, it is impervious to contamination. With IP68 protection rate and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, it stands up to the harshest environments.

Just 5 mm high, the extremely slim angle sensor catches the eye with its unusually compact size and arrangement of its measurement system only 6 mm from the edge. This allows the Vert-X 05E to be used in applications with a rotation centre close to a wall and enables angle measurement in hitherto inconceivable places.

Selection of the direction of rotation (clockwise / counter-clockwise) is easier than ever. The Vert-X 05E can simply be installed flipped through 180°, completely eliminating the need to program the angle sensor.

In non-contacting magnetic rotary encoders, the sensor unit and magnetic actuator are physically separated, enabling transmissive measurement in which the angle is measured through non-magnetic materials (liquid or solid materials). In addition, the non-contacting measurement principle is extremely shock and vibration resistant and allows precise measurements to be made even where there is considerable axial and radial offset of the magnetic actuator.

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November 2011

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