Low-power rotary encoders - the new minimalism

Contelec sets a new standard in green technology with its latest low-power angle sensors in the Vert-X 21 series.

The absolute-measuring magnetic rotary encoders are rated low-power and low-voltage, combining these advantages in an ultra-precision measurement system. With a drastically reduced current consumption of = 300µA (at Ub = 3.3V), the angle sensors are ideally suited to low-energy applications, including use in battery-powered systems, such as radio control equipment and applications in process engineering.

The new Contelec rotary encoders, which cover a 360° angle range and are specified at ±0.3% linearity, are also suitable for applications where there is only a very low operating voltage available. The entire system can be operated on a supply voltage of as low as 1.8 to 5.5V. A further benefit of the low voltage and current operation is that the additional protective measures required in many applications can be greatly simplified or eliminated altogether. In addition, the energy requirement for the overall system can be permanently reduced. The user-programmability of parameters, such as characteristic curve, angle range, and index points (e.g. zero point) and sense of rotation, gives Contelec low-power rotary encoders an added performance dimension that widens the range of possible applications.

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November 2012

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