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iNET-600 Stand-alone Direct-to-Sensor USB Data Acquisition System

The iNET-600 Series A/D module provides 16SE/8DI voltage input channels (Ch#1...#16), each of which are independently software programmable with Windows software that support the direct connection to many common sensor types.

Voltage input range on each channel is independently software programmable to one of: ±20 mV, ±40 mV, ±80 mV, ±150 mV, ±300 mV, ±600 mV, ±1.2V, ±2.5V, ±5V, ±10V. Included is a mating Hd44 Female Connector and Cover. Alternatively, one can attach iNET-600 Series to the following optional wiring boxes: iNET-500, iNET-511, iNET-512. If one is working with thermocouples, an iNET-510 wiring box is required due to its internal cold junction compensation.

iNET-600 Series is a stand-alone USB data acquisition system. No additional components, such as external power supply, are required. Included in the box: iNET-600 Series Hardware Device, USB Cable, Software on CD, Mating Hd44 Female Connector and Hd44 Cover. Digitize at a maximum sample rate of 160K sample/sec for 1 channel, 12Ks/sec/ch for 2 channels, 6Ks/ sec/ch for 4 channels, and 3Ks/sec/ch for 8 channels. For more details, see Voltage Accuracy. Each channel provides the following software programmable parameters: A/D Signal-Averaging-Per-Point (0 ... 100 mSec), Sample-Rate (samples-per-second-per-channel), Digital IIR Filter (Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, or Band Stop), Voltage Measurement Range (±20 mV to ±10V), Sensor Type, and Single-Ended or Differential Wiring.

Excitation power (+3.3V ±0.2V, <80 mA, 28 mA per sensor max) is provided for sensors, along with other End User Power voltages. This 3.3V, which is referenced to instruNet Ground, is automatically read back by A/D when calculating sensor values.

The 4 mA sink/source digital I/O port consists of 4 individual TTLcompatible lines (Ch#25...#28), each of which can be configured as: input or output bit. When configured as an input, a channel can be used to sense a digital high (2 to 5.5V) or digital low (0V to 0.8V). When configured as an output, a channel can be set high (e.g. >2V) or low (e.g. <0.8V). These I/O pins are short-circuit protected against high voltages up to 6.0V and down to -6.0V.

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November 2017

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