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New Miniature Teardrop ICP® Accelerometer - Ideal for Small Component Vibration and Package Testing

A new miniature teardrop ICP® accelerometer is released by PCB Piezotronics, Inc. Model 352A74 has a sensitivity of 100 mV/g and a measurement range of ±50 g peak. The sensor is hermetically sealed in a low profile titanium housing and is adhesively mounted.

With a flexible one-foot, twisted pair integral cable, it easily mounts in tight spaces. The cable is spliced into a heavier gauge coaxial cable for a length of 10 feet, terminating in a 10-32 connector.

With built-in microelectronic signal conditioning circuitry, Model 352A74 provides a low-noise, low impedance output signal while permitting long distance signal transmission and simplicity of operation. The durable design operates in -65 to +250 °F temperatures and survives accidental shock inputs to ±5,000 g.

Model 352A74 is available for immediate shipment. For additional information, visit pcb.com/accelerometers/352A74 or contact Mike Lindstrom, PCB® Product Manager, at (800) 828-8840, x-2108 or mlindstrom@pcb.com.

March 2017

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