Do you require adhoc publicity services just when you need them ?

We can help in providing a fast and competitive service for ...


From concept through to the final design, we offer
the complete advertisement design service...
Using professional software accepted by magazines
and printers, we create layouts for your approval,
and then record to CD-R disk for you to submit
to your favourite magazine


With our technical experience and artistic flair,
we help you create a new catalogue or leaflet
that gives your customer clear information of
your product.
We work through stages, supplying you with colour
proofs for your approval. On final approval, the files
are recorded to a CD-R disk for you to issue to your


With our technical experience and artistic flair,
we help you create a catalogue or presentation
on a recordable CD disk, complete with PDF
files of your leaflets which can be downloaded by
the user and printed on a local printer.
The up-to-date way to present your products and
at an economical cost too.


For your next mailshot, we offer the complete
mailer design service...
We create layouts for your approval, and then
record to CD-R disk for your printer.
We can also supply you with targeted database
lists, supplied on disk or printed address labels.


The new way to expose your products to the world.
We offer a design service for web sites, whether
its a brand new site, or an existing site which needs
We can also manage your site on a day-to-day basis
and help in setting up additional features.


For most promotional work, the most important element is
the pictorial content. With our professional medium-format
and digital cameras, studio lighting and facilities, plus
computer image manipulation hardware and software,
we produce attractive photographs and digital images
for your press release, catalogue, exhibition stand,
sales presentation, web site, etc.
Click here to see examples of our work..


With our facilities of photography and
computer hardware and software, we
can design and produce for you...
Stand-alone displays or the complete
exhibition stand.
We can also handle the complete
organisation of an exhibition from start
to finish.

We can also offer you...

We hold several databases specifically targeted to the Sensors and
Measurement market which can be supplied as printed address labels
or on disk for multiple use in-house.
Be proactive... tell the world about your company and its products !


We will create the editorial text and an eye-catching photograph
for your new product and then mail to a specifically selected list of
editors from our own database of magazines.


Let us take full responsibilty for your advertising schedule....
planning and negotiating advertisement space, organising copy
and monitoring results for effective and economic promotion.


For sales presentations, exhibitions, etc. we can design an attractive
screen display sequence for PC use.

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