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Catalogue of Torque Sensors

Examples of our wide range of torque transducers and
signal conditioners.

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Habia Cables - Product Information
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Product Index
Market Areas
Custom Design
Habiasense Cables for Measurement Applications
Habiatherm Cabes for Temperature Sensing
RG Coxials- RG, Low Noise & Sub-miniature
Single Wires - 160V to 5kV from 36AWG to 2/0AWG
Signal Cables - Twisted Cores, Shielded & Sheathed Cores
Habia Materials - Insulation & Sheath Data
Habia Cable Sales Offices & Contact Details
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Interface Force Measurements
are renowned for supplying industry leading, precision load-cells, torque transducers and instrumentation, backed by industry leading levels of reliability and customer service. If you’d like a copy of our latest catalogue, containing the complete range of Interface load-cells, from small S-beam to Gold Standard calibration grade products, please contact us at, or see our web site

ESI Technology Ltd.

Latest catalogue on Pressure Transducers and Transmitters from ESI Techology.

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Sherborne Sensors is a specialist sensor manufacturer that provides a wide range of high precision and ultra-reliable sensors including accelerometers, inclinometers and load cells.
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E+E Elektronik GmbH
Sensors, Transmitters, Data Loggers, portable Instruments, Calibrators and Calibration Services for Measurement of Humidity, Dew Point, Moisture in Oil, Air Velocity, CO2 and Temperature.
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Sensors and SwitchesComus Europe Ltd.
Comus Europe Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes over 800 switches and sensors including Acceleration, Float, Level, Magnet, Motion, Proximity, Reed, Relay, Tilt/Tip and Vibration.
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Specialist for professional Displacement Transducers
Manufacturer of accurate measurement systems and
professional sensors. Contact for all technical measurements, all applications in areas of position & distance measurement techniques, level and angle measurements.
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Sensonics Ltd.
Condition Monitoring Specialists
Turbine Supervisory Guide:
Techniques for the monitoring and protection of power plant equipment.

Aegis: Machine condition monitoring system.
Machinery protection system.
Vibration Transducer Product Catalogue
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Applied Measurements Ltd.
Catalogue of Sensors & Systems
Catalogue giving details of our wide range of SENSORS and SYSTEMS for the measurement of Load, Pressure, Torque & Displacement.
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Sensonics Ltd.
Condition Monitoring Specialists
Product Overview:
Vibration, Temperature, Bearing Condition Displacement, Speed, Seismic
Spyder DN36:
Remote Machine Monitoring.
Seismic: Monitoring & Protection Systems Product Guide.
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Ixthus Instrumentation
Non Contact Position Measurement
Types available :- Inductive - Eddy Current - Capacitance - Ultrasonic - Laser
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Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has published a new, 36-page "Measurement Product Guide 2016" that is packed with a host of innovative products.
The fully revised edition provides a summary of Micro-Epsilon's comprehensive range of products, from sensors for displacement, distance, position and length measurement, to 2D/3D laser sensors for dimensional measurements, non-contact temperature sensors, thermal imaging cameras, optical micrometers and fibre optic sensors, colour sensors and LED analysers, sensors for specific OEM applications, and full turnkey measurement and inspection systems.
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Keller UK Ltd.
NEW Catalogue describing the range of PRESSURE SENSORS & TRANSMITTERS

Kistler Instruments Ltd.
NEW catalogue for Sensors & Associated Monitoring & Control Equipment for the measurement of Force, Pressure & Acceleration.
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RDP Electronics Ltd.
Telephone: +44(0)1902-457512 Fax: +44(0)1902-452000


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