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Power Measurement System for heavy duty pumps
Datum Electronics (October 2019)
Toughsonic REMOTE sensors guide hydroplaning solar boat design
SENIX (September 2019)
Colour Sensor counts bogie wheel pulses in rail research
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (September 2019)
Gas Sensing as a Drinking Water Purification Method
Edinburgh Sensors (September 2019)
Mass Flow performance for Bioprocess & Bioreactor
Premier Control Technologies (August 2019)
Hostpital chooses VOC Detector for assisted Conception Unit
ION Science (August 2019)
Pressure Sensors for Delft Hyperloop Braking System
Althen Sensors & Controls (August 2019)
New Lock in Holland uses Submersible Position Sensors
Althen Sensors & Controls (August 2019)
Philippines Flood Warning System is expanded
SENIX. (July 2019)
Keeping Venice afloat
Keller UK Ltd. (June 2019)
Gas Monitoring issues faced with storage of cereals
Edinburgh Sensors (June 2019)
Ultrasonic Sensors in Agricultural applications
SENIX (June 2019)
Laser Sensors measure Track Conductor Wear & Track Gauge
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (May 2019)
ToughSonic Sensors used in StormSense Flood Monitoring Solution
SENIX (May 2019)
Level Sensors monitor reservoir levels
Applied Measurements Ltd. (May 2019)
Sensor Network monitors volcano in Hawaii
Alphasense Ltd. (April 2019)
Digital Oxygen Valve paving the way for the future
KELLER (UK) Ltd. (April 2019)
Universal Fabric Tension Tester for all fabrics & styles
Applied Measurements Ltd. (April 2019)
Sensor Solutions for Predictive Maintenance on Wind Turbines
MicroEpsilon (April 2019)
ToughSonic Sensors help Farmers reduce risk and increase profits
SENIX (April 2019)
Torque Sensor helps Turbine Efficiency of Micro-Hydro Plant
Datum Electronics Ltd. (April 2019)
Laser Profile Sensors help inline inspection of chocolate bars
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (April 2019)
Monitoring temperature of Linear Motor Windings
Variohm EuroSensor (March 2019)
Advanced Texture Profiling System for the Baking Industry
AMETEK (March 2019)
Ultrasonic Water Level Sensors monitor flooding in Philippines
SENIX (March 2019)
Fill and Empty Control on Seafood Processing Tank
AMETEK (February 2019)
Keeping Fruit & Vegetable fresh with gas microenviroments
Edinburgh Sensors (February 2019)
Ultrasonic Sensors guide Oracle Boat to America's Cup Victory
SENIX (February 2019)
Animal health product manufacturer uses Temperature Calibrator
AMETEK (February 2019)
The role of CO2 measurement in wine production
Edinburgh Sensors (February 2019)
Clever Level Switch helps the Brewing Process
Baumer UK. (February 2019)
How drones can monitor methane
Edinburgh Sensors (February 2019)
Load Sensor measures Crab Pinch Force
Novatech Measurements Ltd. (January 2019)
Liquid Flow Sensors : Part of Wearable Drug Delivery Platform
Sensirion AG. (January 2019)
Ultrasonic Water Level Sensors in large Irrigation Project
SENIX. (January 2019)
Using a Torque Sensor on a Motor Test Dynamometer
Datum Electronics. (November 2018)
Lightweight Helicopter uses Variohm's Angle Sensors
Variohm EuroSensor (November 2018)
Preventing breakdowns with Torque Measurement System
Datum Electronics. (November 2018)
Machinery protection at Nuclear Power Plant in UAE
Sensonics Ltd. (November 2018)
Cable Position Sensors in Flight Simulation Systems
Variohm EuroSensor (November 2018)
Effective Level Control in Milk of Lime Mixing Vessels
VEGA Controls (October 2018)
HBM leads way in Hartpury College Research Project
HBM UK Ltd. (October 2018)
Torque Sensor helps determine actual Gear Motor Load & Efficiency
Datum Electronics (2018)
Sensors help farmers reduce risk & increase profits
SENIX Sensors (October 2018)
Testing Motors & Gearboxes with Rotary Torque Sensor
Datum Electronics Ltd. (October 2018)
Load Cell for high speed packaging machinery
Variohm EuroSensor (October 2018)
Torque Sensors test electric & hybrid powertrains
Sensor Technology Ltd. (September 2018)
Monitoring CO2 in Pig and Poultry Processing
Edinburgh Sensors (August 2018)
S-Beam Load Cells promise accurate Pigment Dispensing
Applied Measurement Ltd. (June 2018)
Submersible Load Cells lower the cost of Turbine Designs
Applied Measurement Ltd. (May 2018)
Liquid Level Radar System delivers big water savings
VEGA Controls (May 2018)
Ultrasonic outperform Hydrostatic Sensors for measuring liquids
AMETEK (March 2018)
Photoionisation Detector ensures safe waste export
Ion Science (March 2018)

HBM keeps BLOODHOUND on track for World Speed Record
HBM UK Ltd. (February 2018)
Drag Measurement System from Huub Ltd. uses HBM Load Cells
HBM UK Ltd. (February 2018)
UK Formula Student Team uses 2-Axis Motion Sensor
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (February 2018)
Electric Vehicle Pioneer favours Wireless Test Rigs
Sensor Technology Ltd. (February 2018)
Paper Power Sensor for Water Quality Test
Bath University (February 2018)
Torque Sensors analyse performance of pumps & valves
Sensor Technology Ltd. (January 2018)
Sensors allow long-term control of bridge performance
HBM UK Ltd. (January 2018)
Motor Sport Aerodynamic Pressure Scanning
Evolution Measurement (January 2018)
Load Cell measures cable tension of light aircraft
Applied Measurements Ltd. (January 2018)
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