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The Carbonix 'Ottano X' fixed-wing UAV © 2023 Carbonix

Carbonix UAV selects Reventec fuel level sensors for ultimate fuel monitoring

Reventec Limited, a leading custom electronic sensor manufacturer, has been selected by Carbonix to supply their Ottano fixed wing UAS with advanced LS800 fuel level sensors.

Australian UAV manufacturer, Carbonix, is well-known for its long-range drones for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance. With both an all-electric and fuel-powered drone in their product portfolio, Carbonix’s remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) boasts vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities and is capable of covering an area of 5913 hectares. The fuel-powered Ottano drone has a fixed-wing span of 4.5m and relies on accurate fuel level readings to optimise flight time, increase flight range and to improve on fuel efficiency.

The Ottano drone is ideal for data capture in remote environments with advanced detection equipment on board for detailed monitoring, inspection and exploration of different terrains which suits customers from the defence, search and rescue, mining, energy and wildlife conservation requiring remote aerial operations. The continuous LS800 sensor allows for fast remote analysis of fuel level ensuring quick deployment and extending operational use. Boasting extended flight times of up to 8 hours (or 6+ hours with payloads of up to 5kg), the Ottano UAS offers higher than average payloads. Leveraging the continuous, high accuracy fuel level measurement from the LS800, the Ottano is able to fly further and for longer.

The Reventec LS800 is a precision, capacitive fuel level sensor fitted within the Fuel Safe fuel cell integrated into all Ottano drones. Offering serious range extension to increase mission time, the LS800 enables UAS pilots to capture more surveillance intelligence per flight by optimising every drop of fuel. The compact AN-8 threaded mounting configuration and flying lead allows for direct integration within the Carbonix wiring harness.

The ultra-lightweight fuel sensor is designed to last with a high vibration and shock tolerance making it suitable for most UAV applications. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C (higher variants up to +150°C is available), the device delivers an analog output of 0.25V when empty to 4.75V when the tank is full. To achieve the superior accuracies of +/-0.5% of reading, all calibration is carried out at the factory in the intended fuel. The LS800 is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of UAV platforms and other vehicle applications that require fast, accurate measurement of dielectric fluids.

About Reventec Ltd
Reventec Ltd is a UK-based mechanical and electronic design consultancy, specialising in the design and development of technologically advanced products within the motorsport, defence, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Reventec’s design and development team combines a huge range of mechanical and electronic design expertise. The company is primarily involved in the development of products for use in harsh environments, with particular experience in the design of products for military vehicles, unmanned aircraft, race cars, industrial machines, specialist vehicles and equipment.

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July 2023

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