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Control Products, Inc. supplies parking brake on-detection switches for heavy duty industrial, agricultural, and military mobile machinery
Variohm Eurosensor (Ref. 7789 - September 2022)
Straightforward CW/CCW throttle position sensing: Variohm’s VTP11 rotary sensor combines resistive element technology and convenient D-shaft mounting in an IP66 sealed design
Variohm Eurosensor (Ref. 7788 - September 2022)
Expand Sensing Element Series for Humidity and Temperature
E+E Elektronik (Ref. 7787 - September 2022)
What's next? The Future of Direct ToF Distance Measuring
iC Haus GmbH (Ref. 7786 - September 2022)
Latest News from Labfacility on Temperature Meaurement Products
Labfacility Ltd. (Ref. 7785 - September 2022)
Tidal Turbine to light the Thames
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7784 - September 2022)
Wachendorff Automation’s digital lift shaft measurement systems are available from Variohm EuroSensor
Variohm Eurosensor (Ref. 7783 - September 2022)
Showcasing the latest in air quality and PID sensor technology: ION Science are exhibiting at AQE 2022
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7782 - September 2022)
Cost-Effective Vibration Measuring for Smaller Machinery
Sensonics Ltd. (Ref. 7781 - August 2022)
Exposure limits and worker safety: Choosing the right personal or portable gas detector
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7780 - August 2022)
TMR & Hall - Combined Angle Sensor with Automatic Position Correction and Multiturn
iC Haus GmbH (Ref. 7779 - August 2022)
Gibson Technology choose Variohm EuroSensor D-shaft throttle position sensors for Le Mans 2022
Variohm Eurosensor (Ref. 7778 - August 2022)
Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring
Variohm Eurosensor (Ref. 7777 - August 2022)
Absolute Encoders from Variohm
Variohm Eurosensor (Ref. 7776 - August 2022)
Fuel Measurement Sensors adopted by Maritime Surveillance UAS
Reventec Ltd. (Ref. 7775 - August 2022)
Calculator for Physical Humidity Quantities and Pressure Dew Point
E+E Elektronik (Ref. 7774 - August 2022)
Competitively priced harsh-environment linear position measurement: Heavy duty, inductive linear position sensor range offers long-life and maximum reliability
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 7773 - August 2022)
ION Science nominated for three categories at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2022
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7772 - August 2022)
ION Science appoints four Directors for strategic evolution and developing success
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7771 - July 2022)
Sensors for Process to Packaging - Baumer is your One-Stop Shop
Baumer UK Ltd. (Ref. 7770 - July 2022)
Sensors will define the future of production & technology
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7769 - July 2022)
New Channel Partner announced for German Measurement Company
Evolution Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7768 - July 2022)
Distance Measurement with Laser Sensor Technology
Waycon GmbH (Ref. 7767 - July 2022)
Air quality monitoring of volatile organic compounds with PID - National Clean Air Day 2022
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7766 - June 2022)
Miniature 32 Channel Pressure Scanner breaks new ground
Evolution Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7765 - June 2022)
Precise and reliable detection of Marks and Colour Contrast
Baumer UK Ltd. (Ref. 7764 - June 2022)
Positek launch new subsea pressure transmitter for marine, offshore and submersible applications
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7763 - June 2022)
Roll feed length measurement: Wachendorff offer web length measurement solutions for length, position, and speed feedback
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7762 - June 2022)
Protection against Hydrogen Sulfide exposure: Single gas detection monitoring and ARA Dock4
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7761 - June 2022)
New Gear Shift Sensor for demanding motorsports applications
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7760 - June 2022)
Monitoring Benzene exposure: Choosing the right solution for safety and health
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7759 - June 2022)
The World of Mini Encoders iCs
iC-Haus GmbH (Ref. 7758 - June 2022)
Kistler launches world's smallest, media isolated Pressure Sensor
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 7757 - May 2022)
Digital Temperature Sensing Element by E+E Elektronik
E+E Elektronik (Ref. 7756 - May 2022)
'Smart' Profile Sensors for simple inline testing and control
Baumer UK Ltd. (Ref. 7755 - May 2022)
Developing cleaner, greener skies...
Evolution Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7754 - May 2022)
Precise Humidity and Temperature Probe for Drying Processes
E+E Elektronik (Ref. 7753 - May 2022)
Safety and Consistency delivered by Advanced Sensor Technology
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7752 - May 2022)
Potentiometer based sensors offer impressive price vs. performance: Novotechnik’s well-proven LWH series linear position sensors gain from design optimisation
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7751 - May 2022)
Drama as helipcopter Sensor flies into theatre role
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7750 - May 2022)
New Optris bottom up system for glass tempering plants - Temperature monitoring and quality control
Optris GmbH (Ref. 7749 - May 2022)
Submersible tilt sensor provides high-resolution, large-angle position feedback for harsh-industrial and marine applications
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7748 - May 2022)
New Measurement Instrument Company launches in the DACH Region
Evolution Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7747 - May 2022)
Why the right Monitoring System can make a big difference
Sensonics Ltd. (Ref. 7746 - April 2022)
Variohm launch new medical NTC Thermistor
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7745 - April 2022)
TorqSense transducers help to guarantee valve actuator performance
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7744 - April 2022)
ION Science wins Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation for MiniPID Sensors
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7743 - April 2022)
Long travel position feedback with CAN SAE 1939 comms: Combilift’s CSS container loading system uses Variohm EuroSensor supplied cable extension transducers
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7742 - April 2022)
NEW Optical Sensors detect lumpy, bumpy or shiny objects
Baumer UK Ltd. (Ref. 7741 - April 2022)
The NEW G-Seies Load Cells from Interface Force Measurement
Interface Force Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7740 - April 2022)
New E-Commerce Site from Interface Force Measurements Ltd.
Interface Force Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7739 - April 2022)
Supporting World Health Day: How ION Science is committed to Environmental and Social Sustainability
ION Science Ltd. (Ref. 7738 - April 2022)
Sensor breakthrough announced in Nature paves way for groundbreaking map of world under Earth surface
Birmingham University UK (Ref. 7737 - April 2022)
Smart machine safety monitoring: New Metrix 5580 series signal conditioners and switches available from Ixthus Instrumentation
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 7736 - April 2022)
Draw Wire Sensors in Waste Management
Waycon GmbH (Ref. 7735 - April 2022)
Wachendorff’s WDGA series absolute encoders offer significant advantages for demanding precision measurement tasks
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7734 - March 2022)
Product innovation for LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022 (B5-325) - iC-HS: Laser Drivers for Ultra-Short Laser Pulses
iC-Haus GmbH (Ref. 7733 - March 2022)
B+L’s weighing, dosing and control technology is available from Ixthus Instrumentation
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 7732 - March 2022)
New Measurement Company brings exciting technology to Italy
Evolution measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7731 - March 2022)
New ETP21R temperature sensor is spec’d for railway applications
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7730 - March 2022)
Automotive Component Testing
Young Calibration Ltd. (Ref. 7729 - March 2022)
Digital Immersion Probe for determining moisture in oil
E+E Elektronik (Ref. 7728 - March 2022)
Next Generation High-Resolution Magnetic Angle Sensing Utilizing TMR Technology
iC-Haus GmbH (Ref. 7727 - March 2022)
Next Round : iC-Haus WebinarSeries for Innovators
iC-Haus GmbH (Ref. 7726 - March 2022)
ZEMIC load sensors find novel use for critical health monitoring function on Apiago’s smart beehives
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7725 - March 2022)
New technology caps pharma bottling process
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7724 - March 2022)
Detail makes the difference with Process Automation Sensors
Baumer UK Ltd. (Ref. 7723 - March 2022)
New era in level sensing with the radar sensor VEGAPULS6X
VEGA Controls (Ref. 7722 - February 2022)
Latest News - Thermocouples and Connectors
Labfacility Ltd. (Ref. 7721 - February 2022)
Ixthus announce new Ultrasonic Sensors
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 7720 - February 2022)
16 Channel Mini Pressure Scanner delivers True Differential Measurement
Evolution Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7719 - February 2022)
Practical Guide answers the key questions on vibration monitoring
Sensonics Ltd. (Ref. 7718 - February 2022)
Variohm EuroSensor expands pressure sensor range with rail industry specification variant
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7717 - February 2022)
Having problems with your Brake Test Sensors ???
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 7716 - February 2022)
Robust 36 mm encoder from Wachendorff - IP69K and Heavy Duty Upgrade
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7715 - February 2022)
Inductive sensor LVDT LV-G - self-orienting rod end bearings for perfect adjustment
Waycon GmbH (Ref. 7714 - February 2022)
Robust magnetic encoders offer increased application flexibility: Wachendorff’s WDGP incremental encoders have freely definable pulse number
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7713 - February 2022)
Young Calibration expertise in Microscopic Particle Analysis
Young Calibration (Ref. 7712 - February 2022)
European Space Agency uses Yokogawa instruments to achieve precise laser tuning for satellites
Yokogawa Europe BV (Ref. 7711 - February 2022)
Positek’s displacement sensors comprehensively include ATEX, IECEx and UL intrinsically safe versions
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7710 - February 2022)
Baumer launch new Sensors and Software at Drives & Controls Show
Baumer UK Ltd. (Ref. 7709 - February 2022)
Variohm EuroSensor adds Blink Marine’s CANopen, J1939 and RS485 keypads to product range
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7708 - February 2022)
Young Calibration expertise in Heat Exchanger Cleaning Service
Young Calibration (Ref. 7707 - January 2022)
Upgraded Transmitters ideal for monitoring smaller pumps, motors & compressores in hazardous areas
Sensonics Ltd. (Ref. 7706 - January 2022)
High Temperature Pressure Measurement
ESI Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7705 - January 2022)
NCTE expands 2300 series torque sensors with new 0.5 Nm low measurement range variant
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 7704 - January 2022)
Further product & manufacturing expansion for Variohm Group through CPI™ acquisition – harsh duty position sensing & switching technologies
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7703 - January 2022)
Rapid Detection System for Multidrug Resistance in Tuberculosis Infections
iC-Haus GmbH (Ref. 7702 - January 2022)
Digital Sensing Element for High-Precision Humidity & Temp Measurement
E+E Elektronik GmbH (Ref. 7701 - January 2022)
VOC Detection Technology for Nottingham University Chemistry School
ION Science (Ref. 7700 - January 2022)
New pressure transmitters have USB plug and play connection
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 7699 - January 2022)
New PC Sotware exploits full potential of IO Link Devices
Baumer UK Ltd. (Ref. 7698 - January 2022)
Torque Sensor can probe deep into machinery
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7697 - January 2022)
Brake Rubbing Disc Thermocouple Sensor
Labfacility Ltd. (Ref. 7696 - December 2021)
Alphasense joins the AMETEK family...
Alphasense Ltd. (Ref. 7695 - December 2021)
Analog Signal Conditioner IMX - a device that's three-in-one
Waycon GmbH (Ref. 7694 - December 2021)
The Future of Science - Mechanical Engineers
MediaWorks (Ref. 7693 - December 2021)
Breathe London pilot verifies 'small sensors'
Alphasense Ltd. (Ref. 7692 - December 2021)
Alphasense celebrate 25 years of sensor technology development
Alphasense Ltd. (Ref. 7691 - December 2021)
Range Extension for innovative Wireless Torque Sensor
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 7690 - December 2021)
A New World of Real-Time Flow Visualisation
Evolution Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 7689 -December 2021)

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Sensonics for Condition Monitoring
Sensoronix - Speed, Distance, Position, Proximity
Senix Distance & Level Sensors
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