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Laser Sensors measure surface profile of key blanks (December 2011)
IR Thermal Measurement on Assembled PC Boards Optris GmbH (December 2011)
Position Sensors fit the formula in car racing (December 2011)
Temperature Measurement in Medical Technology Optris GmbH (December 2011)
IR Thermometers in Preventative Maintenance Optris GmbH (December 2011)
Engineers torque sensor technology to medics Sensing Technology Ltd. (December 2011)
Draw Wire Sensors position parts on X-ray machines (December 2011)
London Southend Airport contracts NoiseDesk (November 2011)
Sensor helps in wave & tidal energy project Sensor Technology Ltd. (November 2011)
Load Cell helps in £12.5 million upgrade to London Eye LCM Systems Ltd. (November 2011)
Infrared Temperature Sensor used by tyre manufacturer (October 2011)
Thermal Imager aids automotive production Optris GmbH (September 2011)
HBM Amplifier monitors crucial processes (August 2011)
Laser profile Scanner inspects weld seams on steel pipes (July 2011)
Laser Line Scanner generates gear teeth profiles (June 2011)
Laser Sensors measure concrete blocks height (May 2011)
Remote Load Monitoring in the Construction Industry (May 2011)
High Speed Rail Monitoring Sensonics Ltd. (April 2011)
New Temperature Sensors in Motorsports Variohm EuroSensor (March 2011)

Putting feeling to drugs safety and handling Sensor Technology Ltd. (March 2011)
IR Temperature Sensors monitor paper & card production (February 2011)
Meeting the challenge of a Power Station Upgrade Sensonics Ltd. (February 2011)
Accurate Load Cells in sack filling machines (January 2011)
Load Cells help with equine research Applied Measurements Ltd. (January 2011)
TorqSense Sensor helps to keep sheep shorn Sensor Technology Ltd. (January 2011)
Rethinking approaches to sustainable transport infrastructure (November 2010)
Ultrasonic sensors help clean vegetables Waycon GmbH (November 2010)
Vacuum Measurement System for fruit jar lids (October 2010)
Online Vibration Monitoring protects machinery (October 2010)
Car Racing Team choose Cable Extension Sensors Variohm-EuroSensor. (October 2010)
Robot Sensor System monitors adhesive on vehicle glass . (July 2010)
B & K's Data Analysis used in Wind Turbine Testing (June 2010)

Load Cells ensure high accuracy in weigh blending systems (May 2010)
Infrared Temperature Sensors used on Induction Heaters (May 2010)
Data Acquisition helps test Lynx helicopter undercarriage (May 2010)
Semi submersible vehicles use Angle Sensors Variohm EuroSensor (May 2010)
Putting feeling to drugs safety and handling Sensor Technology Ltd.. (April 2010)
Data Acquisition & Analysis System helps tail lifts meet new regulation (April 2010)
Temperature Sensors help test strip steel mill (April 2010)
Torque Sensor helps washing machine performance Sensor Technology Ltd. (April 2010)
Tension Measurement device in concrete industry Applied Measurements Ltd. (March 2010)
Non contact Temperature Sensors help steel production (March 2010)
Sensor prove reliability in tough conditions of brick factory (March 2010)
Laser Sensors help maintain tile consistency (March 2010)
High Res Surface Profiler uses Displacement Sensors (February 2010)
Position measurement on the perpetual ice (February 2010)
Torque Sensor helps test Powered Wheeled Chairs Sensor Technology Ltd. (February 2010)
Vacuum Seals tested but not touched using Torque Sensor Sensor Technology Ltd. (January 2010)

Testing time for Business Jet Sensor Technology Ltd. (November 2009)
Draw-wire Sensors used for Wind Turbine rotor blade testing . (October 2009)
Sensor monitor vibration levels on Welsh Power Station Sensorics Ltd. (October 2009)
NASA use Temperature Sensors for extended space flights Variohm-Eurosensor (September 2009)
Torque System for Sea King Helicopter Gearbox Test Rig Datum Electronics (September 2009)
Position Sensor improve efficiency in Grinding Machines (August 2009)
Linear Drive uses Magnetostrictive Position Sensor (August 2009)
Draw Wire Sensors used in Operating Theatres . (August 2009)
Wireless monitoring of loads in Swiss Railway project (August 2009)
Load Cells in on-vehicle Weighing Systems Variohm-Eurosensor. (July 2009)
Sensors on All-Electric Racing Motorcycle at TTX GP Races (June 2009)
Floodlights use Cable Extension Position Sensors Variohm-Eurosensor. (June 2009)
Reflector Telescope in China uses Eddy Current Sensors (June 2009)
Sensors help in the construction of new station in Zurich (April 2009)
Sensors help in the Food (Fish) Industry Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd. (April 2009)
Torque Sensor helps reduce engine friction Sensor Technology Ltd. (March 2009)
Load Sensors help poultry farmers Applied Measurements Ltd. (January 2009)

Non-contact Displacement Sensors in Industrial Controls (January 2009)
Power Station upgrade on time, on budget and up to speed. Sensonics Ltd. (January 2009)
Non-contact Displacement Sensors in the Automotive Industry (January 2009)
Magnetic Position Sensor on tractor steering system Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd. (December 2008)
Sensors that inspect dimensional accuracy of flat glass (November 2008)
Angular Position Sensors used on Ticketing Systems Variohm Eurosensor Ltd. (November 2008)
Sensors give direction to extreme sport Variohm Eurosensor Ltd. (November 2008)
Testing Time for Vacuum Cleaner maker Sensor Technology Ltd. (October 2008)
Force Plates helps Welsh Rugby Squad Kistler Instruments Ltd. (September 2008)
Torque Sensor helps test car seat belts Sensor Technology Ltd. (August 2008)
Sensors aid motorbike performance at Alto Racing Variohm- Eurosensor (March 2008)
Force Sensor helps test aircraft ejection seats Kistler Instruments Ltd. (February 2008)
Displacement Sensors used in Pump Research (January 2008)
BMW use automatic surface defect system for car parts (November 2007)
Resonance Inspection Software for Production Parts IPC Systems Ltd. (August 2007)

Shaft growth measurement at Power Station Sensonics Ltd. (July 2007)
Fibre Optic Testing IPC Systems Ltd. (July 2007)
Accident Reconstruction IPC Systems Ltd. (June 2007)
Machine Shock and Vibration Testing IPC Systems Ltd. (May 2007)
Displacement Sensors guarantee quality of paper (April 2007)
HVAC Energy Efficiency Testing IPC Systems Ltd. (April 2007)
Robot mower guided by Autonnic fluxgate (April 2007)

Load Cell and Vehicle Jack Testing IPC Systems Ltd. (March 2007)
Sensor systems measures thickness of wet paint coatings and tyres. (Nov 2006)
Laser sensor helps to guarantee safety of pedestrians at Jaguar Cars. (Nov 2006)
Non-contact temperature measurement on railway lines (October 2006)
Sensors measure real-time engine piston displacement (August 2006)
The role of the Vibration Sensor in the process industry (July 2006)
Renault F1 uses Kistler Measuring Wheels Kistler Instruments Ltd. (July 2006)

Bentley Continental GT suspension tests Kistler Instruments Ltd. (July 2006)
Sensors help quality of Gillette shavers (June 2006)
Non-contact Sensor detects presence of liquid outside bottle (April 2006)
2D Laser line profile sensor measures weld bumps (April 2006)
A new method of measuring turbine tip clearance (April 2006)
Laser profile sensors speed tyre inspection (April 2006)
Piezo technology helps access artificial joints Sensor Technology Ltd. (March 2006)
Vibration Sensors help keep chips moving (March 2006)
Sensors help ensure reliability of powered wheelchairs Sensor Technology (March 2006)
Position sensors used by Jaguar dealers (December 2005)
Common Sense - Where sensors are in 2005 The Engineer (December 2005)
ROADYN System 2000 in Audi R8 suspension development Kistler Instruments (Nov 2005)
Automotive Sensor Technology (October 2005)
Vibration sensors monitor fans at INEOS Chlor Ltd. (October 2005)
Measure spindle extension on high speed machine tools (September 2005)
Testing Time for new Falcon 7X Business Jet Sensor Technology Ltd (August 2005)
Building on firm foundations - The Leaning Tower of Pisa (August 2005)
Measuring microns to produce megawatts (August 2005)

Custom Transmitter in measurement on a oil-pump drive (July 2005)

Sensors in the Auto Racing Industry Performance Racing (May 2005)

Vibration detection system for petrol storage depot Sensonics Ltd. (April 2005)
Making fork lift trucks safer (March 2005)
Vibration monitoring system keeps Mersey Tunel running (March 2005)
Force sensors checks car door latch Kistler Instruments Ltd. (January 2005)
In search of the elusive perfect golf swing Kistler Instruments Ltd. (September 2004)
Ultrasound Sensors helps Charles Pumps optimise designs Sensors Technology Ltd. (Nov 2003)

Aircraft-protecting Ice Sensor is 20 times more sensitive (October 2003)
CORUS cut costs on coal processing (October 2003)
Monitoring oil in cars to improve engine efficiency (July 2003)
Handling the pressure of advanced combat aircraft . (May 2003)
Testing Tail Lifts at Ratcliff (November 2002)
Penny & Giles race with Kawasaki (July 2002)
Sensor technology drives accuracy of Diesel Engine Testing (July 2002)
New Oxygen Sensors for next generation of vehicles (July 2002)
Linear Sensors used on Tower Bridge refurbishment project (June 2002)
Sensor for vehicle lift positioning (May 2002)

Sensors on Ariane 5 rocket (May 2002)
Sensors in Plant Condition Monitoring (April 2002)
Load recognition of a lifting floor (April 2002)
Safe braking under pressure (April 2002)
Pressure Sensors in the Water Industry (March 2002)
Sensors control Varofoil Fanblades (March 2002)
Projectile Velocity Measurement Ixthus Instrumentation (March 2002)
Non-contact Thread Detection Ixthus Instrumentation (March 2002)
Role of Load Pins in Forklift Trucks (March 2002)
Monitoring System for landfills (February 2002)
Pulse System measures Tyre/Road noise (January 2002)

Position sensors measure plant growth (November 2001)
Transducers speed up Auto-Hoeing Variohm (October 2001)
Noise testing of hard disks (October 2001)
Bearings have built-in sensors (October 2001)
Linear Sensors in Victory Team powerboats (September 2001)
Linear Sensors in bath manufacture (September 2001)
Position sensing by draw wire (August 2001)
Cylinder sensors cut costs and emissions Kistler Instruments Ltd. (August 2001)
Linear Sensors in TV screen manufacture (July 2001)

Sensor System at new Spa in Bath (June 2001)
Critcal F1 car pressure measurements (Druck) (June 2001)
Data Logger monitors weather in Wales (June 2001)
Pressure Transducers in Aerospace (June2001)
EU Noise Directive - Emissions by outdoor equipment May 2001)
Around the world - 'Inventure' (May 2001)
Turbine Blade Sensors measure at 32,000g (April 2001)
Sensors in Brewing (March 2001)
Sensors in Motorcycle Racing (February 2001)
Monitoring Sliding Train Wheels (January 2001)
Gemini Telescope uses Load Cells Applied Measurements Ltd. (January 2001)

Position Sensor in Farm Tractor Linkage Variohm (January 2001)
Sensors in Domestic Automation (January 2001)
Sensors on Skidpan Systems (January 2001)
Linear Extension Sensor in 'humaniform muscle' (December 2000)
Voice Monitoring System for Airline Pilots (December 2000)
Safe and Sound in Hazardous Areas (November 2000)
F1 Technology for Industry (November 2000)
Calibration Equipment at Seabank Power Station (November 2000)
Electronic Nose can smell out gases (November 2000)
Spark-plug with built-in sensor (November 2000)
Rocket uses Radio Modem Technology (October 2000)

New Truck Weighing System (September 2000)
Studying the effects of waves on seaweed . (August 2000)
Moisture monitoring in the Millennium Seed Bank (July 2000)
Stress & Strain in Implant Dentistry (July 2000)
JCB Engineers use Thermal Array Recorder (June 2000)
Rider Roll Control System ensures accurate control (June 2000)
Hall-effect Sensors for low-power switching (June 2000)
Displacement Sensors in Formula 1 Racing (June 2000)
Transducers on the BA London Eye (June 2000)
Load Cell System in use at Birmingham Symphony Hall. PCM Ltd. (June 2000)
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