Engineers at JCB upgrade to Thermal Array Recorder

Development engineers at JCB Excavators monitoring boom ram
pressures on one of their heavy earth moving vehicles, needed to
replace several multichannel ultra-violet recorders, used in collecting
important transducer data.

JCB decided to purchase from Micro Movements, the M2200 eight
channel thermal array recorder to measure and provide a hard copy
of dynamic signals from three accelerometers, two pressure transducers
and a linear displacement sensor.

The benefits of choosing this instrument included its robust construction
allowing it to be used in the tough test environment at JCB, together with
its modular format giving flexibility in its future use.

Other decision considerations were the unit's ability to be calibrated quickly,
data to be seen live or stored for future examination, and the storage to a
PC system for archiving purposes and future in-depth analysis.

JCB have found that the highly legible chart recordings allow results to be
reviewed quickly and are ideal for including into development reports.

In all, the M2200 recorder's features and their ease of use have helped JCB
considerably reduce time in their research project tests.

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