2- Archived Application Stories from January 2012 to October 2015

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Draw Wires Sensors used in Bridge Lifting System
Variohm EuroSensor. (October 2015)
Electric Kart uses Variohm Throttle Position Sensor
Variohm EuroSensor. (October 2015)
Testing Time for Fall Arrestors
Sensor Technology Ltd. (July 2015)
Ginetta Cars upgrade Dynamometer Rig with Sensors
Variohm-Eurosensor (July 2015)
New Level Sensor reaches parts others can't
VEGA Controls Ltd. (July 2015)
Sensors helps World Saling Champion
Variohm-EuroSensor. (June 2015)
Sensor helps extract power from the sea
Sensor Technology Ltd. (June 2015)
Colour Measurement Systems reduces plastics cycle time
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. (June 2015)
Contactless Radar Level Sensor provides unique solution
VEGA Controls Ltd. (May 2015)
Crop Dusters use Pressure Switches in new designs
Variohm Eurosensor. (April 2015)
4 Billion Miles on just one tank of fuel
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (February 2015)
Confocal Sensor perform precision alignments
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (February 2015)
Robust Eddy Current Sensors in the Rail Industry
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (February 2015)
Sensors in the Food Process Industry
ESI Technology (February 2015)
Sensors give flawless results in sub-zero temperatures
Applied Measurements Ltd. (January 2015)
Confocal Sensors used in Laser Micromaching Projects
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. (January 2015)
Pressure Transducer monitors water level in tank
Applied Measurements Ltd. (November 2014)
Test House relies on high performance vibration testing
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (November 2014)
Data Loggers for International Space Station
MSR Electronics GmbH (October 2014)
Sensors for BLOODHOUND 1100mph wheel tests
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. (September 2014)
Gear Position Sensors used on single-seater road car
Penny & Giles (September 2014)
Telemetry Load System measures coach mass
Applied Measurements Ltd (September 2014)
Weeding machine uses multi sensors
Variohm EuroSensor (September 2014)
Major contract secured for Gas Analysis Equipment
Cambridge Sensotec Ltd. (September 2014)
Sensors for tough automotive applications
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. (August 2014)
Avalanche Photodiodes for LIDAR applications
First Sensor AG (July 2014)
Laser Profile Sensors used in robotic weld inspection system
Micro Epsilon (June 2014)
Load Cells fitted to World's largest Hexapod
Applied Measurements ( June 2014)
Displacement Transducers make tracks in Turkey
Applied Measurements ( June 2014)
Big Bale Transtacker uses 'Touchless' Sensors
Variohm EuroSensor ( May 2014)
VDL Containersystemen gets hooked on Joystick Controllers
Penny & Giles ( April 2014)
Sensors & Joysticks for Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicles
Penny & Giles ( April 2014)
Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring
Sherborne Sensors ( April 2014)
New Electromagnetic Shaker is installed in UK Testing facility
Bruel & Kjaer ( April 2014)
NTC Thermistor in new water-filled electric radiator
Variohm EuroSensor ( March 2014)
Brochure tells of Automotive Applications for Sensors
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. ( March 2014)
Strain Sensors monitor welding of 'difficult' materials
Kistler Instruments Ltd. ( March 2014)
Food Waste Bio-digester uses Level Switch
Variohm EuroSensor ( March 2014)
Developing a Solar Racecar
FUTEK. ( February 2014)
Sensors in pole position for motor racing
Penny & Giles Sensors ( February 2014)
Thermal Imaging Camera helps quality control
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. ( January 2014)
Sensors selected for Bloodhound Speed Record Project
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. ( January 2014)
All-Terrain Wheelchair uses Position Sensors
Variohm-EuroSensor ( December 2013)
Noise monitoring at Winnipeg Airport
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. ( November 2013)
Torque Sensor in Solar Car
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technologies ( October 2013)
Torque Sensor in Supercharger Research
Kistler Instruments ( October 2013)
Sensors in Humanoid Robotics
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technologies ( October 2013)
Condition Monitoring Systems for Blast Furnace
Sensonics Ltd. ( October 2013)
Measuring force in fastener, bolt or stud
FUTEK ( August 2013)
Sensors in Shipping
GEMS Sensors Ltd.( August 2013)
EL-Wifi Sensors used in Air Conditioning Control
Corintech Ltd.( August 2013)
Flow Switches measure ebb and flow of Antartic Ocean
PVL Ltd.( March 2013)
Sensors help 100% Quality Assurance in springs
Kistler Instruments Ltd.( March 2013)
Pressure Sensors for Rail Applications
Variohm-EuroSensor ( March 2013)
Mars Rover 'Curiosity' bores into Martian terrain
FUTEK Sensor Techologies ( February 2013)
Sensors make breakthrough in mineshaft insection
Sherborne Sensors (January 2013)
Linamar and Bruel & Kjaer develop automotive engineering solutions
B & K (January 2013)
Potentiometer helps Xylem go with the flow
Penny & Giles Ltd. (January 2013)
Zettlex & Astrium co-develop Sensors for Space
Zettlex UK Ltd. (December 2012)
Torque Sensors keep hydraulic projects on course
Sensor Technology Ltd. (November 2012)
Instrumentation enables race car success
Mantracourt Electronics Ltd. (November 2012)
Angle Sensors for vehicles
Variohm Eurosensor (October 2012)
Laser Sensor measure steel in prestressed concrete
Micro-Epsilon Ltd.(October 2012)
Joystick Controller in Dynapac Cab Control System
Penny & Giles Controls Ltd.(September 2012)
Thermal Imaging & Power Flushing go hand in hand
Testo Ltd.(September 2012)
Barkley Plastics aim for zero defects
Kistler Instruments Ltd.(September 2012)

M&S maximise energy savings with Thermal Imaging Camera
Testo Ltd.(August 2012)
Bridge Project at NPL
Techni Measure (August 2012)
Dual Tank Level Controller
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technologies Inc. (July 2012)
Thermal Imager identifies defects in injection-moulded parts
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. (June 2012)
Sensor control revolutionary hands-free fishing system
Variohm-EuroSensor (June 2012)
Laser Based Depth measurement for Drill Rigs
Acuity Laser Measurement. (May 2012)
Bridge Cranes use Laser Distance Sensors at Steel Mills Acuity Laser Measurement. (May 2012)
Welded Pipe Manufacturer uses Laser Scanners Acuity Laser Measurement. (May 2012)
Temperature Monitoring & Alarming in Flour Milling Calex Electronics Ltd. (May 2012)
LVDT Position Sensors used in Traction Engine Governors Penny & Giles (April 2012)
Tests of assembled circuit boards using IR temperature measurement Optris GmbH (April 2012)
Rethinking Maintenance Procedures using IR Thermometers Optris GmbH (April 2012)
Thermal Imaging Camera monitors temperature of plastics Micro-Epsion UK Ltd. (March 2012)
Rotary Sensors help shift up a gear Penny & Giles Ltd. (March 2012)
Cable Sensors on Container Transportation System Variohm Eurosensor (March 2012)
Kistler Sensors help Electric Vehicle Development Kistler Instruments Ltd. (March 2012)
Torque Sensor checks reliability of powered wheel chairs Sensing Technology Ltd. (March 2012)
An easy remote Data Monitoring System Microedge Instruments Inc. (February 2012)
Tilt Sensors used on Stellar Telescopic Winch-Line Cranes Penny & Giles (February 2012)
Angle Sensors on World's first Wave Power Plant Variohm Eurosensor (January 2012)
Radar & Level Switch in Nuclear Engineering VEGA Controls Ltd. (January 2012)
Laser Sensors measure Metal Cutting Discs MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (January 2012)
Overhead Crane Position Measurement Acuity Laser Measurement (January 2012)
Non-contact Laser Sensors measure pipe length Acuity Laser Measurement (January 2012)
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