New brochure demonstrates variety of automotive applications for sensors

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has published a new brochure for the automotive industry, which includes 28 visually stunning application examples of how Micro-Epsilon sensors and measurement systems are providing benefits for customers in development, testing, production and quality assurance.

The high level of automation in automotive development, production and inspection environments requires high precision, high performance sensors and measurement systems. Drawing on its broad portfolio of measurement technologies and many years of experience in the industry, Micro-Epsilon's new "Measurement Technology for Automotive Engineering, Test Benches and Development" brochure provides examples of innovative measurement solutions for development, production and inspection applications in the automotive industry.

Extensive range of sensors for automotive applications
The brochure includes both individual sensor solutions and full turnkey measurement systems for particular applications, including eddy current sensors for measuring turbocharger speeds, piston ring movement, cylinder head lubrication gap and crankshaft bearing gap; inductive sensors for measuring engine valve lift; draw wire sensors for measuring suspension spring movements; laser sensors for measuring brake disc deformation, vehicle ride height and for inspection of tyres for bumps or dents; and non-contact temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras for measuring the temperature of a variety of on-vehicle components, welds and adhesive beads during assembly or production.

The brochure also includes a variety of full turnkey measurement systems including Micro-Epsilon's reflectCONTROL system for detecting defects on painted vehicle body shells; surface CONTROL system for the 3D inspection of textured surfaces, including interior surfaces of the vehicle; and colour sensors for detecting small colour differences between vehicle components.

March 2014

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