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Pipe Length Measurement using Non-Contact Laser Rangefinders

The dimensional measurement of pipes is crucial to their manufacturing according to strict tolerances. System integrators use a pair of AccuRange 1000 laser distance sensors to measure the differential length of hollow pipe during their production. The sensors are aimed at each other, over 30 meters apart. As a round pipe comes to rest in a holding cradle, linear stages move the sensors' laser spots across the pipe's leading and trailing edges. The positional data from each sensor is subtracted from the sensors separation distance to calculate an accurate length measurement.

The glowing hot temperatures of the pipes during production demanded non-contact measurement techniques. Laser rangefinders were the ideal solution. Also, the shop floor has many moving conveyors and other mechanical fixtures to move the large pipes from one stage to the next. Integrators needed non-contact sensors which could be installed away from such hazards. The new, non-contact length measuring system replaces manual and operator-dependent techniques.

Acuity is a product line of Schmitt Industries or Portland, USA, specializing in precision dimensional-measurement sensors for industrial and research applications. Their devices are used in diverse applications from crane position monitoring to glass thickness measurement to aerospace components quality assurance.

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January 2012

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