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Variohm EuroSensor’s NTC thermistor helps warm the heart of Heat Electric’s innovative water filled electric radiators

Heat Electric is an independent British company based in Halifax that manufactures and sells a wide range of water-filled electric radiators.

Powered by electricity and with a self-contained mini-boiler and pump, these innovative and convenient wall-mounted room heaters have a very modern styling and are sold as economic replacements for storage heaters, oil filled radiators and gas fired water-based heating systems. Variohm EuroSensor has worked with Heat Electric for several years and supplies customised NTC thermistors as part of the control system that includes a built-in thermostat for cost-effective controllability.

Like many customers, Heat Electric requires the thermistor to be built, tested and delivered to their exact requirements to ensure continuity of supply and maintain the relatively tight dimensions required for installation within the radiator to maximise its effective heating potential. The temperature related characteristics and accuracies for resistance values and curves as well as the response times and other parameters are often specific to the customers’ application. This particular epoxy coated sensor is encapsulated in a flag terminal for mounting at the top of the radiator and is connected to the control board with a special connector.

Variohm supplies a wide range of NTC thermistors with special mounting features and has a standard range available pre-mounted in ring terminals, hexagonal bolts or tubes.

Further bespoke customisation is available for special lead wires, lengths and housing requirements in addition to connectors and terminations.

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About Variohm EuroSensor
Variohm EuroSensor designs, manufactures and sources a comprehensive range of sensor technologies for linear and rotary position, load, force, vibration and temperature - providing complete pre-sale and post-sale application support for demanding measurement applications throughout industry, agriculture, construction, autosports and research.

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March 2014

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